Former ESL Teacher Turned Lawyer Empowers Change in Mass Tort and Product Liability Cases

Los Angeles, California – Rachel, an attorney at Husch Blackwell, specializes in mass tort and product liability cases. Their journey to the legal field took an unconventional path, driven by a desire to level the playing field for others. Initially aspiring to be an English as a Second Language teacher, Rachel’s experience teaching abroad made them realize they wanted to effect change on a systemic level, leading them to pursue a legal career.

Drawing on their background as an ESL tutor and teacher, Rachel’s legal work is characterized by their ability to identify problems and create tailored solutions. This passion for teaching also influenced their law school experience, where they served as a teaching assistant for multiple writing classes and took on roles in the moot court team, eventually becoming a board member and co-chair. Through participating in moot court competitions and eventually coaching, Rachel further developed their advocacy skills.

During law school, Rachel had the opportunity to work on an appeal before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit as part of the Appellate Project, providing them with valuable learning experiences. Additionally, they gained practical knowledge through an externship with the California Supreme Court, where they conducted research on both civil and criminal cases and prepared memos and recommendations.

At Husch Blackwell, Rachel represents clients in toxic tort, product liability, and asbestos litigation. They are known for their ability to distill complex concepts into understandable terms, a skill that they attribute to their teaching background. Through their work, they strive to provide accessible and effective legal representation for their clients.

Rachel’s unique journey to law and their dedication to advocating for their clients reflect their commitment to making a positive impact on individuals and systems. With their extensive experience in teaching and their skills in the legal field, Rachel continues to pursue their passion for justice and equality in the realm of mass tort and product liability.