Alaska Judge Resigns Amid Scandal Involving Inappropriate Relationships and Undisclosed Conflicts in Criminal Cases

Anchorage, Alaska – A federal judge in Alaska has resigned following an intense judicial investigation that revealed his involvement in misconduct with his staff and ongoing attorneys, some of whom were part of cases he adjudicated. Former U.S. District Court Judge Joshua Kindred’s conduct has raised serious questions about conflicts of interest in the judicial process. Kindred, appointed by former President Donald Trump in early 2020, stepped down earlier this month under the directives of the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit Court. Additional steps are being taken as the Judicial Conference of the United … Read more

Los Angeles County Considers Groundbreaking Right to Counsel Law to Assist Renters in Eviction Cases

Los Angeles, California — Los Angeles County may soon offer a significant boost to tenants facing eviction by providing them with free legal representation. The county supervisors have moved forward with a plan to establish a “right to counsel” ordinance that would assist renters, particularly in the county’s unincorporated areas, where some one million residents could benefit. This proposal requires one more vote before it can be written into law. The initiative aims to address the disproportionate legal expertise often available to landlords over tenants. Currently, while most landlords have legal assistance in housing courts, … Read more

Washington Court of Appeals Overturns $185 Million Monsanto PCB Verdict, Impacting Future and Past Cases

Seattle, Washington — A recent ruling from the Washington Court of repercussions, reversing a substantial $185 million verdict against Monsanto could potentially nullify a cumulative $1.6 billion awarded in past jury decisions concerning the company’s liability over toxic chemicals. The verdict, pivoting on the legal interpretation of liability timelines, could set a precedent affecting numerous similar cases in the state. Earlier in May, the Court of Appeals overturned the initial verdict from a 2021 King County Superior Court case involving 200 plaintiffs comprising students, teachers, and parents from the Sky Valley Education Center. These individuals … Read more

Supreme Court Delivers Landmark Ruling in Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy, Shaping Future of Mass Tort Cases

WASHINGTON — A recent Supreme Court decision has resoundingly reshaped the landscape of bankruptcy law, particularly in how it pertains to mass tort litigations, exemplified by the high-profile Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case. At the heart of this judicial review was a debated proposal to exempt the Sackler family — owners of Purdue Pharma and makers of OxyContin — from future civil lawsuits while committing them to pay $6 billion into a settlement fund for victims of the opioid crisis. Purdue Pharma entered into bankruptcy in 2019 after facing a slew of lawsuits that attributed much … Read more