Former Gang Leader Seeks Release on House Arrest Before Trial in Tupac Shakur Case

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis and his attorneys will request his release from jail during a hearing before a Clark County judge. They argue that Davis is neither a threat to the community nor a flight risk. Davis seeks to be placed under house arrest, with a proposed bail amount not exceeding $100,000. His attorneys assert that his health has deteriorated since his arrest last September. Prosecutors, however, oppose his release, citing Davis’ alleged confessions to the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur.

The motion filed by Davis’ special public defenders, Robert Arroyo and Charles Cano, emphasizes that Davis’ health has suffered since his arrest, as he has been deprived of regular checkups and subjected to a poor jail diet. On the other side, state prosecutors presented a 180-page opposition, highlighting Davis’ own admissions to Tupac’s murder. They referred to his 2009 memoir and various interviews in previous years, including one with BET in 2017. Prosecutors also argue that Davis poses a danger to the community due to his numerous criminal convictions over several decades, ranging from robbery and grand theft in 1983 to gun charges in 2015.

Davis maintains that he was granted immunity from prosecution through a proffer agreement. In 2009, while investigating the murder of Christopher Wallace (also known as Biggie Smalls), the FBI and Los Angeles Police had developed a federal drug case against Davis and offered him a proffer agreement in exchange for his cooperation. According to Greg Kading, a former LAPD detective, Davis admitted to having knowledge of Tupac’s murder and agreed to reveal what he knew. However, prosecutors argue that it remains unclear which of Davis’ statements are protected under the proffer deal, and that by making public statements, Davis violated the terms of the immunity agreement.

Davis’ bail hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, with his trial set for June 3. The defense will argue for his release on his own recognizance, while prosecutors will present evidence of Davis’ alleged involvement in Tupac Shakur’s murder to oppose his release.