Wisconsin Judge Denies Release for Woman Who Stabbed Peer to Please Slender Man, Citing Continued Risk

WAUKESHA, Wis. — A Wisconsin judge has denied the release of Morgan Geyser, the woman who brutally stabbed a classmate to gain favor from the fictional character Slender Man, in a shocking case that captivated the nation a decade ago. Geyser, now 21, had requested her release from Winnebago Mental Health Institute earlier this year. The proceedings for her release began on Wednesday and concluded on Thursday. During the hearing, Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Bohren determined that Geyser still posed a risk of harm to herself or others, as well as the potential for … Read more

New Orleans Rapper BG Fights to Stay on Supervised Release Amidst Permission Controversy

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – Attorneys representing Christopher Dorsey, better known as the New Orleans-born rapper BG, have requested that a federal judge allow the artist to remain on supervised release. Dorsey was recently arrested for allegedly violating the terms of his release from federal prison. In court filings on Friday, Dorsey’s lawyers argued that he had official permission to perform alongside prominent musicians, contradicting authorities’ claims. The arrest was prompted by a probation officer’s allegation that Dorsey failed to obtain clearance to perform at a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside rapper Lil Boosie in … Read more

Migrants Overwhelm Texas National Guard at Rio Grande, Prompting Release Orders: Border Riot Chaos

El Paso, Texas – A judge in El Paso ordered the release of migrants who were accused of participating in a “border riot” that overwhelmed National Guard troops along the Rio Grande. The stampede occurred on Easter Sunday and resulted in the arrest of about 220 individuals on riot charges. However, court officials stated that migrants will remain in custody if there is a federal immigration hold against them. According to a spokeswoman for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, out of the 220 people booked on riot charges, 39 have been processed for release … Read more

El Paso Judge Orders Release of Illegal Migrants Involved in Border Riot Overwhelmed by National Guard in Easter Sunday Ruling

El Paso, Texas – On Easter Sunday, a judge in El Paso ordered the release of undocumented migrants accused of participating in a “border riot” earlier this month when a stampede overwhelmed National Guard troops along the Rio Grande. The judge made his ruling during an online teleconference bond hearing after the El Paso District Attorney’s Office was not prepared to proceed with detention hearings for each defendant. The riot occurred on March 21, when a group of over 300 migrants attempted to enter the U.S. illegally by rushing a border fence in El Paso. … Read more