Controversial Israeli Bill Seeks to Fire Academics for ‘Supporting Terror,’ Sparking Claims of McCarthyism and Democracy Erosion

JERUSALEM, Israel — Israel’s education minister and the national union of students have endorsed a draft law which critics, including leaders of the country’s top universities, are condemning as a restrictive measure on academic freedom and an echo of historic McCarthyist tactics. The proposed legislation, which has passed the first of four required readings by the Knesset, would empower a government-appointed committee to dismiss academic staff found to be expressing “support for terror.” Under the draft law, if universities failed to comply with dismissals ordered by this committee, they would face potential cuts in funding. … Read more

Tupac Murder Suspect Keefe D Flooded with TV Deal Offers as Lawyer Seeks to Preserve His Legacy

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — In a city known for its high stakes and dramatic showdowns, the case surrounding the infamous 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur has taken on a life of its own. Duane “Keefe D” Davis, a suspect in Shakur’s murder, finds himself at the center of a legal and media circus, with major TV networks offering lucrative deals to chronicle his story and legal battles. Davis, who has gained notoriety in recent years for his alleged role in the drive-by shooting that killed one of the most iconic figures in hip-hop, is … Read more

Priscilla Presley Sues Former Business Partners for Elder Financial Abuse, Seeks $1 Million in Damages

LOS ANGELES — Priscilla Presley has initiated legal action against former business associates, claiming financial elder abuse and mismanaging funds exceeding $1 million. The lawsuit, lodged in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, alleges that the handlers of Priscilla Presley Partners, LLC, including renowned memorabilia auctioneer Brigitte Kruse and Kevin Fialko, deceitfully exploited her trust and finances. According to the claim detailed by her attorney, Martin Singer, the defendants orchestrated a “meticulously planned and abhorrent scheme” to exploit Presley. They reportedly isolated her from close contacts, and misled her under the guise of care … Read more

NFL Subscribers Uphold $4.7 Billion Verdict, Citing Solid Evidence as League Seeks New Trial

Los Angeles — Subscribers who recently won a landmark $4.7 billion judgment against the National Football League fervently defended the jury’s decision in their latest court filings. They argued that the verdict, which stems from allegations of anti-competitive pricing practices associated with the NFL’s Sunday Ticket package, fits squarely within the evidence presented during the trial. The dispute centers on an antitrust lawsuit claiming the NFL, in collaboration with DirecTV, artificially inflated prices for viewers wishing to watch out-of-market football games. The plaintiffs asserted that the arrangement essentially forced fans to pay elevated prices irrespective … Read more