Former Love is Blind Contestant Reveals Shocking Lawsuit Details: Abuse, Lies, and NDA Battle

Atlanta, GA – A lawsuit has been filed against the popular Netflix reality show “Love is Blind” by former contestant Renee Poche. Poche is suing Delirium Production Company in an attempt to break her non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The details of the lawsuit were revealed by TikTok user Mona Kosar Abdi, who also discussed Poche’s experience on the show.

According to Abdi, Poche was set to marry a man named Carter Wall, described as a former football player who struggled with homelessness and drug addiction. Poche claims that Wall was emotionally abusive and violent, and that the show cut most of their scenes due to Wall’s threats of self-harm. In response to Poche’s previous remarks about the show, the production company filed a $4 million arbitration against her for breaching the NDA.

In the lawsuit, Poche alleges that she was essentially trapped in her hotel room during filming, with her passport, driver’s license, and phone taken away. She also states that the company lied about conducting background checks and psychological evaluations on all participants. Poche refers to Wall as a “walking red flag” and claims that the company threatened to sue her if she refused to participate.

In addition to the lawsuit, Poche has shared her contract from the show, which reveals several controversial clauses. Couples are obligated to appear at the altar regardless of who proposed, or face a $50,000 penalty. Divorce is only allowed after the season’s final episode airs, with a minimum waiting period of 11 months from the wedding date. Contestants are not allowed to wear their wedding rings until the final episode, and the production company has full control over the use of footage.

The show has faced criticism from viewers in response to these revelations. Some believe that “Love is Blind” should have ended after its first season, while others have expressed concern over the restrictive contract terms. This marks the third lawsuit against the show, with Poche describing her experience on the show as feeling like a prisoner in her hotel room.

For more information on the lawsuit, it is available to view on Deadline’s website.