Nikki Haley Gains Momentum as Ron DeSantis Exits 2024 Presidential Race

EXETER, N.H. – Nikki Haley and her supporters are energized following Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ exit from the GOP presidential race. Haley’s final event of the day took place in a high school auditorium with special guest Judge Judy. As Haley addressed the crowd, she declared that the race was now narrowed down to two people. Despite DeSantis’ departure, his low support in New Hampshire suggests that his exit won’t have a significant impact on the competition. However, Haley’s backers are invigorated just two days before the state’s primary.

With DeSantis out of the race, Haley is now the sole candidate standing against former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Judge Judy, who had endorsed Haley earlier this month, joined her on stage and praised her as a star. Sheindlin urged the audience to use their intelligence and passion in supporting Haley, emphasizing the need for a level-headed leader.

In an interview before the event, Sheindlin explained that she had approached Haley almost a year ago because she was impressed by her level-headedness, executive experience, and international gravitas. She contrasted Haley’s calm and focused approach to Trump’s chaotic leadership style. Sheindlin believes that the country needs a leader who can bring stability and focus.

Meanwhile, Trump attended his own event in New Hampshire, where he voiced appreciation for DeSantis’ campaign. However, he continued to criticize Haley, particularly regarding her stance on border security, trade policy with China, and appeal to independent voters in the state. Haley responded to Trump’s attacks by reminding the crowd that she had defeated South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster when she ran for governor herself.

Local residents are hopeful that DeSantis’ exit will help Haley in the upcoming primary. They see her as a candidate with good character and appreciate her dedication to serving the country. Haley delivered an extended speech on national security, highlighting her commitment to protecting American interests and standing up to China.

Throughout the event, Haley faced some interruptions from protesters. However, she welcomed their presence, asserting that their freedom of speech is defended by her husband, who is currently deployed. In her closing remarks, she expressed confidence that she could defeat both Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, calling for unity and determination.