Former President Trump Faces a Chaotic 2024 with Multiple Trials and Civil Verdicts

New York City, NY – Former President Donald Trump’s legal battles are far from over as he faces a series of trials and civil cases in 2024. The past year has seen Trump on trial twice, indicted four times, and hit with a multimillion-dollar civil verdict. Now, he faces up to five separate trials and verdicts in two civil cases that could potentially cost him and his business hundreds of millions of dollars. The criminal cases alone involve 91 felony counts, some of which carry maximum prison terms of 20 years.

While the trial dates for the pending criminal cases are still uncertain due to Trump’s appeals and efforts to delay them, one trial date is set in stone. The civil damages trial in a defamation case brought by writer E. Jean Carroll is scheduled to start on January 16, one day after the Iowa caucuses. Trump is leading in the polls for the caucuses and has predicted an “epic landslide” victory.

Trump has pleaded not guilty in the criminal cases and denied any wrongdoing in the civil cases, claiming they are all related to “election interference.” He has sought to delay the criminal cases until after the 2024 elections.

The New York Attorney General’s office has demanded $370 million in fines against Trump and his companies, as well as a lifetime ban on Trump and two former company executives from the state’s real estate industry. The proposed fines include alleged interest savings through fraud, proceeds from the sale of a former hotel, and other financial transactions.

The closing arguments in Trump’s civil fraud trial have concluded, and Judge Engoron aims to have a final decision by January 31. However, there is no guarantee on the timing. Throughout the trial, Trump has lashed out at Attorney General Letitia James, calling her a “political hack” and dismissing the case as lacking evidence. He has referred to the trial as a “witch hunt” and a “conspiracy” to get President Biden re-elected.

Despite Trump’s legal challenges, he has vowed to attend all of his trials, including the one involving classified documents. As the legal proceedings continue, the outcome of these cases will determine the potential financial and legal consequences for the former president and his business.