Lawsuit Filed Against Fort Worth Hotel and Gas Company Following Explosion: Negligence Allegations Surface

Fort Worth, Texas – The first lawsuit has been filed in the aftermath of the explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel in Fort Worth. A man who claims to have been injured while fleeing the blast is suing the hotel, its ownership company, and natural gas company Atmos Energy, alleging negligence. This lawsuit comes as the downtown area takes steps toward normalcy, with the reopening of neighboring Houston Street and West 7th Street.

The reopening of these streets is a positive sign for businesses in the area, as they can now resume their operations. Atmos Energy is also working to reconnect gas lines for heat in the affected buildings. However, for some, the reopening serves as a reminder of their close calls. One family, scheduled to stay at the Sandman Hotel this week, expressed relief at not being present during the explosion and the subsequent injuries suffered by others.

The lawsuit, filed by Tarrant County resident Christopher Medearis, claims that he was working in a building adjacent to the hotel when the explosion occurred. According to the suit, there was a strong odor of gas. As Medearis was running to safety, he allegedly tripped and fell, sustaining an injury. The suit alleges that the Sandman Signature Hotel and its owner, Northland Properties, failed to ensure the safety of the hotel, while Atmos Energy is accused of inadequately detecting gas leaks in the hotel’s pipeline.

The cause of the explosion has yet to be determined, according to the Fort Worth Fire Department. NBC 5 reached out to Atmos Energy, the Sandman Signature Hotel, and Northland Properties for comment on the lawsuit, but they have not responded. As the investigation into the blast continues, West 8th Street and Throckmorton Street near the hotel remain closed. The search for answers, however, does not have a clear timeline.

In summary, a man injured in the explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel in Fort Worth has filed a lawsuit against the hotel, its ownership company, and Atmos Energy. The downtown area is gradually returning to normal, with the reopening of some streets. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, and the lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of the hotel and gas company. The ongoing investigation has led to the closure of certain streets, with no definitive timeline for its completion.