Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Mocks Trump, Suggests Seal Team Six Will Handle ‘Retribution’

NEW YORK, NY – Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen responded to ex-President Donald Trump’s attempt to downplay his previous talk of “retribution.” During a recent Fox News town hall, Trump stated that he won’t “have time” for retribution if he wins the election again. However, Cohen dismissed Trump’s change of heart, jokingly suggesting that he would have Seal Team Six carry out any retribution on Trump’s behalf.

The reference to Seal Team Six stems from a controversial argument made by Trump’s attorney in a recent appeals court hearing. The attorney claimed that a president could order the elite military unit to assassinate a political rival without facing legal consequences, as long as he wasn’t impeached and convicted first.

When asked about Trump’s remarks, Cohen expressed skepticism, stating that he hopes Trump is telling the truth but knows that he is not. Cohen characterized Trump as a vindictive individual who seeks to retaliate when he feels wronged. According to Cohen, Trump is not the type to take matters into his own hands but would rather delegate retribution to others.

Cohen went on to assert that if Trump were to be reelected, he believes the next four years would be characterized by vindication, retribution, chaos, and destruction. Cohen argued that the only person who would benefit from such actions would be Trump himself, while the rest of the country would suffer.

It remains to be seen whether Trump’s promise of refraining from retribution is genuine or simply a rhetorical ploy. Cohen’s remarks shed light on the perception many have of Trump’s tendency for retaliation and raises questions about the potential consequences if he were to win a second term.

In conclusion, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen expressed doubt about Trump’s claim to forgo retribution if reelected. Cohen described Trump as a vindictive individual who is not likely to change his nature. Only time will tell if Trump’s promise to prioritize success over retribution is genuine or simply campaign rhetoric.