Former Trump Lawyer Warns of Potential ‘Retribution’ Awaiting Biden If He Loses: What’s at Stake for the President-Elect?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer has warned that President Joe Biden may face severe consequences if he loses power. Michael Cohen, a prominent figure from the Trump administration, highlighted the potential for “retribution” against Biden should his presidency be cut short. These comments come as political tensions in the United States continue to run high. Cohen’s statement reflects the deeply divided political climate, where animosity and hostility exist between the two major parties. The notion of retribution suggests that the consequences of losing power could extend beyond simply relinquishing control of the … Read more

The Judge’s Warning in E. Jean Carroll’s Trial Sheds Light on Trump’s Retribution Fears

New York, NY – Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann emphasized a notable moment during writer E. Jean Carroll’s second defamation trial against former President Donald Trump. The trial concluded with the judge warning the jurors against disclosing their involvement due to concerns of retaliation from Trump or his supporters. Weissmann compared this cautionary instruction to a similar instance in the trial of Vincent Gigante, the former boss of the Genovese family, where the jurors were also advised to refrain from individual statements to the press to avoid retribution. Weissmann remarked that it was remarkable to … Read more

Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Calls Out Trump’s Change of Heart on ‘Retribution’: Claims Seal Team Six Will Take Action

NEW YORK (AP) — Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen dismissed ex-President Donald Trump’s recent backtrack on his “retribution” talk, joking that Trump will have Seal Team Six take care of it instead. Cohen’s remark was in response to arguments made by Trump’s lawyer during an appeals court hearing that a president could order Seal Team Six to assassinate a political rival without facing prosecution unless impeached and convicted first. During a recent Fox News town hall, Trump slightly walked back his promise of “retribution,” stating that although people like the idea, he won’t “have time” … Read more

Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Mocks Trump, Suggests Seal Team Six Will Handle ‘Retribution’

NEW YORK, NY – Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen responded to ex-President Donald Trump’s attempt to downplay his previous talk of “retribution.” During a recent Fox News town hall, Trump stated that he won’t “have time” for retribution if he wins the election again. However, Cohen dismissed Trump’s change of heart, jokingly suggesting that he would have Seal Team Six carry out any retribution on Trump’s behalf. The reference to Seal Team Six stems from a controversial argument made by Trump’s attorney in a recent appeals court hearing. The attorney claimed that a president could … Read more