Former Trump Lawyer Breaks His Silence: Navigating My Moral Compass Led Me to Exit the Legal Team

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a surprising twist of events, former lawyer for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has revealed that he decided to part ways with the former president’s legal team to “follow his compass.” Cohen, who faced intense scrutiny during the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, made this announcement on Monday. The decision to separate from Trump’s legal team comes as a shock, considering Cohen’s unwavering loyalty to the former president in the past.

Cohen was at the center of various legal battles involving Trump, including the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and the hush money payments made to women who claimed to have affairs with Trump. While Cohen once fiercely defended Trump, stating that he would “take a bullet” for him, he has now chosen a different path, asserting that he had to prioritize his own moral compass.

These recent developments come on the backdrop of a potential shift in Cohen’s perception of Trump. In an interview with ABC News, Cohen made it clear that there may be information he possesses that could be of interest to investigators. He mentioned his willingness to cooperate fully with law enforcement in the future, stating that his previous loyalty to Trump has led him down a troublesome path.

Cohen’s abrupt decision to leave Trump’s legal team is notable in the context of mounting pressure faced by the former president. As investigations into Trump’s finances and business dealings continue in New York and Georgia, the loyalty of those once close to him is being tested. Cohen’s departure may potentially signal a turning point, as individuals who were once staunch allies distance themselves.

It remains to be seen how Cohen’s departure will impact Trump’s ongoing legal battles. With the possibility of Cohen cooperating with investigators, there could be substantial implications for the former president. Trump’s legal team is now left to navigate these challenges without Cohen’s support, potentially adding another layer of complexity to an already arduous situation.

For Cohen, this decision marks a significant break from his previous unwavering support for Trump. As he embarks on a new chapter in his legal journey, the consequences of his actions and the potential revelations he may make remain uncertain. However, his departure from Trump’s legal team serves as a reminder that loyalties in the political arena can shift unexpectedly, with individuals choosing to follow their own personal compass rather than blindly maintaining allegiance.