Star-Studded Jury Led by Isabelle Huppert Set to Shine at the 81st Venice Film Festival

Venice, Italy – This year’s Venice Film Festival is set to captivate audiences with a star-studded international jury, expertly curated by French actress and appointed president Isabelle Huppert. Well-known for its prestigious awards and glamorous presentations, the festival promises another year of cinematic excellence from August 28 to September 7. The jury boasts an impressive lineup of directors who will navigate the delicate task of awarding the film industry’s coveted prizes. Among them are James Gray, known for “Ad Astra”, Andrew Haigh with his recent success “All of Us Strangers”, and Agnieszka Holland of “Green … Read more

Seoul Semiconductor Takes Legal Action Against Amazon for Patent Infringement, Seeking Injunction on Sales of LED Products

SEOUL, South Korea– Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (SSC), a global leader in LED products and technology, has taken legal action against retail giant Amazon. The company filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the European Unified Patent Court, seeking an injunction to stop the sale of infringing products. Over the past five years, SSC and its affiliates have successfully obtained 15 permanent injunctions for patent infringement in courts across the United States, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. However, the company found that filing lawsuits in individual countries was not the most efficient way to enforce patents … Read more

Indiana Jury Awards $11 Million in Landmark Medical Malpractice Case: Failure to Diagnose Led to Leg Amputation

Elkhart, Indiana – A Michigan man and his wife have been awarded over $11 million by an Indiana jury after accusing a doctor of failing to diagnose a painful limb issue that ultimately led to the amputation of the man’s leg. The couple filed a civil suit against Dr. James Shoemaker Jr., alleging that he failed to identify critical limb ischemia in Mychajlo Hajdaj’s right leg in January 2015. Critical limb ischemia refers to a blockage of the arteries in the lower extremities. Denying the allegations, Dr. Shoemaker, Elkhart General Hospital, and Elkhart Emergency Physicians … Read more

Former Trump Lawyer Breaks His Silence: Navigating My Moral Compass Led Me to Exit the Legal Team

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a surprising twist of events, former lawyer for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has revealed that he decided to part ways with the former president’s legal team to “follow his compass.” Cohen, who faced intense scrutiny during the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, made this announcement on Monday. The decision to separate from Trump’s legal team comes as a shock, considering Cohen’s unwavering loyalty to the former president in the past. Cohen was at the center of various legal battles involving Trump, including the investigation into Russian interference in the … Read more