Former WWE Employee Files Shocking Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Abuse and Trafficking by Vince McMahon

Stamford, Connecticut – A former WWE employee has filed a bombshell lawsuit accusing Vince McMahon, the former CEO of the professional wrestling company, of sexual abuse and trafficking. Janel Grant alleges that McMahon forced her into sexual relationships with WWE figures and executives, including using sex toys aggressively that caused her bodily harm. The lawsuit also implicates the WWE and John Laurinaitis, a former wrestler and the company’s ex-head of talent relations and general manager.

Ann Callis, Grant’s lawyer, describes the allegations as “depravity” and unlike anything she has encountered in her career as a criminal felony judge. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Connecticut, where the WWE is based, claims that McMahon used his power and influence to coerce Grant into a sexual relationship while promising job security at the company. It also asserts that McMahon shared explicit photos and videos of Grant with other men, including WWE employees.

Grant’s lawsuit aims to shed light on the WWE’s alleged failure to address the misconduct happening within the organization. According to Callis, the hope is that more victims will come forward as a result of these public allegations. Grant is seeking monetary damages and wants the court to invalidate a $3 million nondisclosure agreement, of which she claims to have received only $1 million.

McMahon, who denies the allegations, stepped down as executive chairman of WWE’s parent company, TKO Group Holdings, following the lawsuit. TKO Group expressed its commitment to taking the allegations seriously and addressing them internally. Grant’s case is not the first time McMahon has faced accusations of sexual misconduct. Last year, it was reported that the WWE was investigating a $3 million payment McMahon made to a woman who had a consensual affair with him.

As the leader and face of WWE for decades, McMahon’s influence transformed wrestling from small venues to being held in professional sports stadiums. The organization has gained a massive following both domestically and internationally. McMahon’s resignation comes at a critical time for the wrestling giant, as it merged with the company running the Ultimate Fighting Championship last year. As the legal battle unfolds, Grant’s lawsuit poses a significant challenge for WWE and raises questions about the company’s accountability for the actions of its leadership.