Fort Wayne Man Accused of Fatally Shooting 60-Year-Old Woman Faces Trial: Evidence vs. Denial

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – A jury has been tasked with determining the guilt or innocence of a Fort Wayne man accused of fatally shooting a 60-year-old woman in February. Eric Underwood-McCarrol was arrested one day after the shooting incident occurred. The victim, Joyce Moore, was shot and killed when she opened the front door of her apartment in the 6000 block of Bunt Drive.

Prosecutors presented evidence during the trial that showed Underwood-McCarrol’s phone was in the area of the shooting when it happened. They also highlighted the defendant’s interview with the police, where he allegedly expressed his comfort with everyone in the apartment complex, including the victim. However, the defense attorney, Marcia Linsky, argued that the evidence was not clear enough to conclusively link her client to the shooting. Linsky pointed out unclear images and videos of the area at the time of the incident, as well as the lack of Underwood-McCarrol’s fingerprints at the scene.

During the prosecution’s rebuttal, Allen County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Tom Chaille urged the jury to focus on the critical evidence and not be swayed by the defendant’s alleged lies. Chaille emphasized that Underwood-McCarrol’s phone was located in the vicinity of the shooting, and the weapon used was found in his mother’s nightstand.

The trial will continue as the jury deliberates on the case and determines the fate of Eric Underwood-McCarrol. The man stands accused of shooting and killing Joyce Moore, a 60-year-old woman, when she answered her apartment door in Fort Wayne. The evidence presented by the prosecution includes the defendant’s phone being in the area at the time of the shooting, as well as the discovery of the firearm in his mother’s possession. Nevertheless, the defense argues that the evidence is insufficient to definitively prove Underwood-McCarrol’s guilt, citing unclear imagery and a lack of fingerprints at the crime scene. The final verdict rests on the jury’s analysis of the contrasting arguments presented during the trial.