Sacramento Man Files Lawsuit: Arrested After Seeking Help from Knife-Wielding Homeless Woman – Dreadlocks Cut Off and Bag Over Head in Jail

Sacramento, California – A Sacramento man has filed a lawsuit against city police and county sheriff’s deputies, alleging that he was wrongfully arrested and subjected to excessive force and physical abuse. The incident occurred on December 26, 2022, after the man, identified as Silas Jones, called 911 for assistance when confronted by a knife-wielding homeless woman.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court, Jones was leaving a friend’s house on Franklin Boulevard when he encountered the woman running towards him with a knife in hand. He managed to evade her and called 911 for help. After ensuring his safety, Jones continued walking home when officers arrived at the scene.

The suit claims that the officers approached Jones and immediately handcuffed him, despite his protests that he had committed no crime. One of the officers explained they were conducting a welfare check, to which Jones responded that he didn’t require one since he was the one who had called the police for assistance. Nevertheless, Jones was forcefully placed in the backseat of a patrol vehicle.

At the Sacramento County Main Jail, Jones alleges that he was strip-searched and had his dreadlocked hair cut by sheriff’s deputies without justification. The abuse continued when a bag was placed over his head, impairing his vision, and he was subjected to further mistreatment. Jones remained in a cell, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear, until he was able to post bail.

City officials have yet to comment on the lawsuit, while the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office declined to provide a statement. The lawsuit seeks damages for excessive force, battery, unlawful search and seizure, and detention.

In summary, Silas Jones has filed a lawsuit against Sacramento police and county sheriff’s deputies, claiming he was arrested and mistreated after calling 911 for help with a knife-wielding homeless woman. The lawsuit alleges excessive force, battery, and unlawful search and seizure. City officials have yet to respond to the lawsuit, and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment.