From Journalism to Law: Meet Will, the Creative Problem-Solver Standing up for Mass Tort and Product Liability Victims

Chicago, IL – Will, an attorney focusing on mass tort and product liability cases, has had a unique journey that led him to his current career path. With a background in journalism and web development, he initially chose a different direction. However, the global impact of COVID-19 prompted him to make a change, recognizing the perfect opportunity for a career shift. Will’s passion for learning and his diverse skill set make him a valuable asset to the Mass Tort & Product Liability team.

Growing up in a family with legal professionals, Will was naturally drawn to the field of law. However, he pursued a career in journalism and web development before ultimately realizing that law was his true calling. The disruptions caused by the pandemic created an ideal moment for him to embark on this new path. Foreseeing significant changes in the industry, Will decided to enroll in law school, eager to contribute to the evolving legal landscape.

Will’s experience in journalism provided him with a distinct perspective that sets him apart in his legal practice. His inquisitive nature and passion for delving deep into various subjects serve him well as he investigates different clients’ products and comprehends the underlying science. Additionally, his background in web development has honed his creativity and problem-solving skills, qualities that are highly valuable in the legal profession.

During his time in law school, Will developed a particular interest in classes related to privacy, data, and international law. These subjects presented intellectual challenges and allowed him to explore different cultures and legal systems. A competitive thrill for the litigation process also captivated him, particularly the intensity of trial work. As a summer associate at his firm, he conducted research on California civil procedure and international treaty projects, further solidifying his commitment to the legal field.

Known for his dedication and innovative problem-solving abilities, Will is fully devoted to delivering exceptional service to his clients. With his unique blend of skills and his genuine passion for the law, he is prepared to tackle the complexities of mass tort and product liability cases.

In conclusion, Will’s journey from journalism and web development to law is a testament to his adaptability and determination. The global upheavals caused by COVID-19 played a pivotal role in his decision to pursue a legal career. With his background in journalism, web development, and a deep interest in privacy, data, and international law, Will brings a fresh perspective to his practice. His commitment to providing exceptional service to his clients makes him a valuable asset to the Mass Tort & Product Liability team.