Gain Unlimited Access to Exclusive Local News for Only $5 Per Month

Phoenix, Arizona – Access to news and information is essential in today’s society. However, one local news website is implementing new restrictions on its content. Visitors to the website will now be limited to reading only five stories per month, unless they choose to subscribe.

The restriction does not apply to exclusive content produced by the website’s journalists. To access unlimited content, readers can subscribe for a monthly fee of $6.99. This subscription will grant them access to, including exclusive news articles and the Daily Independent e-edition.

The website’s publisher, Charlene Bisson, emphasizes the importance of their commitment to balanced, fair reporting and local coverage. She believes that independent journalism plays a vital role in our democracy and encourages readers to support the financial sustainability of their newsroom.

By subscribing, readers are not only gaining unlimited access to news but also contributing to the preservation of quality journalism. The funds generated from subscriptions will support the work of reporters and editors, enabling them to continue delivering honest and insightful reporting.

In an era where misinformation and biased narratives are prevalent, the need for reliable and independent journalism is crucial. Through this subscription model, aims to maintain their high standards of reporting and provide readers with valuable insights and perspectives that cannot be found elsewhere.

It is important to note that current print subscribers can create a free account to access the website without any limitations. For those who are not yet subscribers, the opportunity to support local, unbiased journalism is just a click away.

In summary, is implementing restrictions on the number of stories non-subscribers can access each month. By subscribing for a monthly fee, readers can enjoy unlimited access to the website’s content, including exclusive journalism. This subscription model helps to ensure the continuation of independent and insightful reporting, benefiting both the readers and the newsroom.