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San Francisco, CA – Subscribers to a newsletter have received an email from the organization to confirm their registration. The email contains an activation link that must be clicked to activate the subscriber’s email address. If the link is not clicked, the email address will not be activated and no further mailings will be received. The organization has taken this step to ensure that email addresses have not been accidentally included in their mailing list. By sending an email with an activation link, they can verify that each subscriber wants to receive future mailings. Confirmation … Read more

Former Teacher Shot by 6-Year-Old Student Moves Forward with $40 Million Lawsuit Against Newport News Public Schools

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – Abby Zwerner, a former school teacher at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, is now heading to trial in her lawsuit following a tragic incident. Zwerner was shot by her own 6-year-old student in her classroom. The judge has ruled that her $40 million lawsuit against Newport News Public Schools can proceed. Attorneys Diane Toscano, Kevin Biniazan, and Jeffrey Breit, representing Zwerner, expressed their satisfaction with the decision. They stated that this victory brings them closer to holding the Newport News School Board accountable for their actions. In November, Circuit Court … Read more

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Atlas: Providing Unbiased and Unfiltered News You Can Trust

Los Angeles, CA – People across the nation have come to rely on Atlas as a reliable source for unbiased and unfiltered news. What began as a passion project has now become a necessary resource for readers seeking quality journalism. Readers trust Atlas to provide them with accurate and objective news coverage. The platform has built a reputation for delivering news that is free from biases and filters. For those looking for a source they can depend on, Atlas is the go-to destination. In a media landscape filled with misinformation and sensationalism, Atlas stands out … Read more