Gear Up for the Extended Squirrel Season in Louisiana: Hunting Tips and License Information

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – Hunters in Louisiana have been granted an extension to their squirrel-hunting season, allowing them to satisfy their hunting cravings until the end of February. The fall squirrel season, which began earlier in the year, will conclude on February 29th, while the short spring season will reopen from May 4th to May 26th.

During the fall season, hunters are permitted to catch up to eight squirrels per day, with a possession limit of 24. However, it is important for hunters to obtain a hunting permit before embarking on their squirrel-hunting adventures. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries requires all hunters, both residents and non-residents aged 18 and above, to possess a basic hunting license.

Resident hunters can secure a basic hunting license for a fee of $20, whereas minors under the age of 18 are required to obtain a youth hunting license for $5. Interestingly, hunting squirrels does not necessitate any additional licenses, unlike hunting deer or waterfowl.

To assist newcomers in the art of squirrel hunting, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries offers an annual free introductory squirrel hunting course called Squirrel Hunting 101. This course equips participants with essential skills ranging from scouting for squirrels to skinning them. For those seeking further guidance, additional squirrel hunting tips are also available.

With the extended squirrel-hunting season, hunting enthusiasts in Louisiana can continue to enjoy their favorite pastime until the end of February. Whether seasoned hunters or newcomers, the opportunity to pursue squirrels offers an exciting adventure in the wilderness of Louisiana. Make sure to secure the necessary permits and licenses, and embrace the thrill of squirrel hunting while it lasts!