Flock Safety Faces Legal Trouble as AI-Powered License Plate Readers Violate State Laws, Putting Driver Safety at Risk

Tampa, Florida – Flock Safety, a company that uses AI-powered license plate readers for law enforcement purposes, has come under fire for violating state laws related to driver safety. According to local officials in multiple states, Flock installed surveillance cameras without the necessary permits, posing potential safety risks. In February 2023, Flock installed AI surveillance cameras on John’s Pass Bridge in Florida on behalf of the Treasure Island Police Department. However, the cameras were flagged for breaking state rules as they were placed without approval from the Florida Department of Transportation. The department later requested … Read more

Gear Up for the Extended Squirrel Season in Louisiana: Hunting Tips and License Information

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – Hunters in Louisiana have been granted an extension to their squirrel-hunting season, allowing them to satisfy their hunting cravings until the end of February. The fall squirrel season, which began earlier in the year, will conclude on February 29th, while the short spring season will reopen from May 4th to May 26th. During the fall season, hunters are permitted to catch up to eight squirrels per day, with a possession limit of 24. However, it is important for hunters to obtain a hunting permit before embarking on their squirrel-hunting adventures. The … Read more

Vancouver Lawyer Resigns License Following Frivolous Lawsuit with Pseudolegal Undertones

VANCOUVER, Canada — A lawyer in Vancouver has resigned her license to practice law after filing a frivolous lawsuit filled with pseudolegal elements, according to the Law Society of B.C. Naomi Arbabi voluntarily gave up her license, which had been under interim suspension since December. The law society stated that her resignation does not automatically end any ongoing investigations into her actions. However, the details of investigations remain confidential unless they result in a citation or consent agreement. Earlier this year, Arbabi’s lawsuit against her neighbor, Colleen McLelland, was dismissed. Arbabi had accused McLelland of … Read more

New Jersey Liquor License Reform Fails to Fulfill Commercial Real Estate Advocates’ Expectations

Trenton, New Jersey – New Jersey’s liquor license laws, known for being restrictive and expensive, underwent significant changes this week. Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation that increases the number of available liquor licenses statewide and allows for new licenses in municipalities with large malls. This move injects nearly 1,500 licenses into the market, marking the first major reform since the Prohibition era. Despite this change, some groups, including the state’s largest commercial real estate trade organization, argue that the new legislation falls short of what is needed to spur development. Craft breweries and distilleries have … Read more