Demystifying Jury Duty: Essential Information and Tips for New Yorkers

Staten Island, New York – Jury duty is an essential civic obligation for Americans, but it is often met with reluctance. Prospective jurors in Staten Island have been known to resort to all sorts of unconventional excuses, such as claiming their skin spontaneously combusts every month or insisting they are unable to multitask due to being in a relationship. To ease the burden of jury service and address common questions, Gothamist, an online publication, has provided answers to some of the most pressing inquiries regarding jury service in the city. The first question many people … Read more

Jeff Ruby’s Restaurants Faces Federal Lawsuit for Skimming Server Tips and Paying Non-Tipped Workers

CINCINNATI – The company operating Jeff Ruby’s restaurants is facing a federal lawsuit, accused of diverting money from the server’s “tip pool” to non-tipped employees. The lawsuit alleges that Ruby’s restaurants paid “tip pool employees” less than the federal and state minimum wage by utilizing the “tip credit” to meet their wage obligations. It further claims that the company failed to inform workers about this practice, as required. The suit also asserts that Ruby’s distributed “tip pool” funds to behind-the-scenes workers, including cooks and dishwashers, who were consequently paid less. On Tuesday, CEO Britney Ruby … Read more

Insurance Recovery Expert Reveals 3 Tips for Businesses to Navigate a Challenging Property Insurance Market

New Jersey, USA – Eric Jesse, a partner in Lowenstein Sandler’s Insurance Recovery Group, provides insights into the current state of the property insurance market and offers three tips for companies to make their commercial properties more appealing to insurers. Commercial property insurance is a vital coverage for businesses as it safeguards their buildings, structures, and the property and equipment within them. It also typically covers lost business income resulting from covered events. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of this coverage became evident when businesses faced closures and restrictions. The property insurance market is … Read more

Gear Up for the Extended Squirrel Season in Louisiana: Hunting Tips and License Information

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – Hunters in Louisiana have been granted an extension to their squirrel-hunting season, allowing them to satisfy their hunting cravings until the end of February. The fall squirrel season, which began earlier in the year, will conclude on February 29th, while the short spring season will reopen from May 4th to May 26th. During the fall season, hunters are permitted to catch up to eight squirrels per day, with a possession limit of 24. However, it is important for hunters to obtain a hunting permit before embarking on their squirrel-hunting adventures. The … Read more