Georgia Election Workers Awarded $148 Million in Defamation Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani

Washington D.C., USA – A jury has awarded $148 million in damages to two former Georgia election workers, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and Ruby Freeman, who filed a defamation lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City. The workers claimed that lies spread by Giuliani in 2020 had caused their lives to be upended by racist threats and harassment. The damages verdict includes a $75 million award in punitive damages for the women, in addition to approximately $36 million each in other damages.

During the trial, Moss and Freeman emotionally testified about the false conspiracy theory pushed by Giuliani and other Republicans as they sought to contest the 2020 election results. The women described the impact of becoming targets of baseless accusations. Moss stated, “Money will never solve all my problems…I will always have to be careful about where I go and who I choose to share my name with.”

When the verdict was read, Giuliani appeared emotionless. Moss and Freeman hugged their attorneys, while Giuliani left the courtroom. However, it remains uncertain if Giuliani, who already faces financial strain from multiple lawsuits and investigations, will be able to pay the awarded amount.

Giuliani had previously been found liable in the case and admitted in court documents to falsely accusing the women of ballot fraud. Despite this, he continued to repeat his baseless allegations about them. Giuliani’s lawyer, in his defense, sought to shift blame onto a right-wing website that published surveillance footage of the women counting ballots.

The judgment in this case contributes to Giuliani’s growing legal and financial troubles. He is currently facing criminal charges in Georgia, related to the 2020 election, among other legal challenges. Jurors in the defamation case heard recordings of Giuliani falsely accusing the election workers and witnessed the impact this had on Moss and Freeman’s lives.

While Giuliani’s lawyer acknowledged his client’s wrongdoing, he argued that Giuliani was not solely responsible for the harassment the women faced. The defense rested its case without calling any witnesses after Giuliani decided not to testify. The former mayor’s attorney had initially indicated that Giuliani would testify, but the judge prohibited him from claiming his conspiracy theories were true.

The trial highlighted the persistence of false conspiracy theories surrounding the election and the harm they can cause to individuals. Moss and Freeman recounted fearing for their lives and receiving racist threats. The women’s attorney emphasized how Giuliani continues to propagate the baseless claims, even after the verdict, indicating a likelihood of repetition.

In conclusion, a jury has awarded $148 million in damages to former Georgia election workers in their defamation lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani. The verdict holds Giuliani responsible for spreading falsehoods about the women and causing them significant harm. This judgment adds to Giuliani’s legal woes as he faces criminal charges and sees his financial situation deteriorating.