Georgia Moves Towards Implementing ‘Addy’s Law’ to Protect Students from Dangerous Bus Stops

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. – A bill named “Addy’s Law” in Georgia is gaining momentum after a tragic incident involving the death of an 8-year-old girl. The family of Adalynn Pierce, who was killed in a car accident while crossing the road to board her school bus, has been advocating for this legislation. The bill, also known as SB 492, aims to prevent children from having to cross busy streets to access their school buses. The proposed law states that school districts must ensure that students only enter or exit the bus on the side of the road where the bus door is located.

The tragic accident that inspired this legislation occurred when Adalynn was struck by a car while crossing Jackson Lake Road. The driver of the car, 25-year-old Kaylee Andre, has been charged with vehicular homicide. Adalynn’s immediate family, including Butts County Sheriff Gary Long, has been deeply affected by the loss. They are now pushing for the passage of “Addy’s Law” to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

The initial step towards achieving this goal was the creation of a petition by Adalynn’s sisters, which has gathered over 18,000 signatures. Sheriff Long, who is a relative of the family, got involved and reached out to State Sen. Rick Williams, R-Milledgeville. Sen. Williams responded by drafting the bill so that it could be considered during the current legislative session. He recognizes that implementing this law would require school districts to reorganize bus routes, and he acknowledges the challenges posed by the existing school bus driver shortage. However, he emphasizes that the potential to save lives makes these efforts crucial.

Adalynn’s legacy extends beyond the push for “Addy’s Law.” Her organs have helped save the lives of eight individuals, and her tissue has benefitted 75 others. Moreover, Adalynn had a rare blood type that has benefited hundreds of children with cancer. Now, her impact is also changing laws in the state of Georgia.

Sen. Williams is confident that the bill can be passed into law during this legislative session. He is working to expedite the process, aiming to get it through committee and onto the floor for debate. The ultimate goal is to have it signed by the governor.

“Addy’s Law” has struck a chord with the community, and its passage would ensure the safety of children boarding school buses. It would require logistical work but offers the potential to save lives. With the determination of Adalynn’s family and the support of lawmakers, Georgia may soon see improved safety measures for students using school buses.