Former Teacher Shot by 6-Year-Old Student Moves Forward with $40 Million Lawsuit Against Newport News Public Schools

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – Abby Zwerner, a former school teacher at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, is now heading to trial in her lawsuit following a tragic incident. Zwerner was shot by her own 6-year-old student in her classroom. The judge has ruled that her $40 million lawsuit against Newport News Public Schools can proceed. Attorneys Diane Toscano, Kevin Biniazan, and Jeffrey Breit, representing Zwerner, expressed their satisfaction with the decision. They stated that this victory brings them closer to holding the Newport News School Board accountable for their actions. In November, Circuit Court … Read more

Texas Judge Moves Lawsuit Challenging CFPB’s $8 Credit Card Late Fee Rule to D.C., Dealing Blow to Credit Card Industry

FORT WORTH, Texas – In a blow to banks and credit card issuers, a Texas judge has agreed to move a lawsuit challenging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s $8 credit card late fee rule to the District of Columbia. The ruling by Judge Mark T. Pittman is a setback for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and five other trade groups that sued the CFPB in March to stop the rule from taking effect on May 14. The CFPB accused the trade groups of engaging in “forum shopping” by filing the case in Texas to find … Read more

Captivating Animated Film ‘Magic Candies’ Secures Prestigious NYICFF Award, Moves Closer to Oscars Qualification

NEW YORK, NY – The New York International Children’s Film Festival (NYICFF) has given the Oscar-Qualifying Prize to the animated film ‘Magic Candies’. This award means that the film is now eligible for consideration in the Best Animated Short category at the Academy Awards. ‘Magic Candies’, directed by Iuri Ara├║jo, tells the story of two siblings who stumble upon a magical candy shop. The film explores themes of family, adventure, and the power of imagination. Its beautiful animation, heartfelt story, and engaging characters have captivated audiences and critics alike. The NYICFF has been championing the … Read more

Breaking: Landmark Case Ensues as Adam Montgomery’s Defense Moves to Exclude Kayla’s Testimony from Jury Deliberations

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Defense attorneys for Adam Montgomery have filed a motion seeking to exclude Kayla’s testimony from jury deliberations in his trial. The move comes as a crucial development in the ongoing legal battle surrounding the alleged insider trading at Montgomery’s hedge fund. In their motion, the lawyers argued that Kayla’s testimony should not be used during the jury deliberations because it was obtained through coercion and was therefore unreliable. They claimed that Kayla was coerced by the prosecution into testifying by offering her immunity from prosecution in exchange for her cooperation. This, they … Read more