Former Lakewood Elementary Student’s Family Files Lawsuit Against Assistant Principal and Horry County Schools After Bathroom Indecent Exposure Incident

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. – The assistant principal of Lakewood Elementary and Horry County Schools are facing a lawsuit from the parents of a former student after an indecent exposure incident that occurred in a bathroom last October. The recently filed complaint alleges that on October 20, the student was in the bathroom when another student crawled into her stall, took off her pants, and engaged in inappropriate behavior in front of the victim. According to the lawsuit, the district’s disciplinary guidelines resulted in a brief suspension rather than expulsion for the offending student. This decision … Read more

Georgia Moves Towards Implementing ‘Addy’s Law’ to Protect Students from Dangerous Bus Stops

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. – A bill named “Addy’s Law” in Georgia is gaining momentum after a tragic incident involving the death of an 8-year-old girl. The family of Adalynn Pierce, who was killed in a car accident while crossing the road to board her school bus, has been advocating for this legislation. The bill, also known as SB 492, aims to prevent children from having to cross busy streets to access their school buses. The proposed law states that school districts must ensure that students only enter or exit the bus on the side of … Read more

Roanoke City Schools Take Stand Against Social Media Giants, Joining Nationwide Lawsuit to Safeguard Students’ Mental Health

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke City public schools have taken a significant step by joining a nationwide lawsuit along with over 400 other school divisions across the United States. The school district is addressing the rising demand for mental health services among students, with social media platforms being identified as a major contributing factor. According to Mark Cathey, a member of the Roanoke City School Board, the detrimental impact of apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube on students cannot be ignored. These platforms, Cathey argues, are designed to target the vulnerable minds of young individuals who … Read more

Landmark $22.5 Million Verdict: James River Church Found Negligent in Student’s Injury on Campus

Ozark, Missouri – A jury in Christian County has ordered James River Church to pay $22.5 million in damages following a 2019 incident that left a man injured on the church’s campus. Cooper Heishman, a student at James River College, was struck by a car while walking at night along a public access road near the church. The plaintiff argued that the church, which police confirmed owned the roadway, was negligent in failing to provide a sidewalk or adequate lighting. The lawsuit claimed that Heishman, who was 19 at the time, sustained severe and permanent … Read more