Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyer Exposes Inconsistencies in Prince Andrew Accuser’s Story

London, UK – Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer is raising concerns about the credibility of the woman who accuses Prince Andrew of sexual assault. According to attorney Philip Barden, the accuser, Virginia Giuffre, has changed her story multiple times, leading to doubts about her claims.

In recently obtained documents, Barden points out that Giuffre previously stated she did not have sex with Prince Andrew in 2014. However, she later claimed that they had engaged in a sexual encounter in a small bathtub. Barden argues that Giuffre cannot have it both ways and questions the consistency of her allegations.

Prince Andrew settled a lawsuit with Giuffre in 2022 but continues to deny her accusations. The case is part of a larger scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, with numerous prominent names mentioned in recently unsealed documents. Figures such as Stephen Hawking and Bill Clinton have been implicated in the released materials.

Another alleged victim, Johanna Sj√∂berg, also made a bombshell claim against Epstein. She alleged that Epstein had said, “Clinton likes them young,” referring to young girls.

These revelations highlight the complexity of the case against Prince Andrew and the credibility issues surrounding the accuser’s changing accounts. The settlement with Giuffre does not indicate a resolution to the controversy, as doubts persist. As the legal battle continues, the public awaits further developments surrounding this high-profile case.

Despite the allegations and scandal, Prince Andrew remains firm in his denial of any wrongdoing. The situation has cast a shadow over his reputation, and the public’s opinion on the matter remains divided. The unraveling of the truth in this case will undoubtedly shape the narratives surrounding the royal family and its connections to Epstein’s scandalous activities.