Alaskan Federal Judge Resigns Amidst Abuse Allegations, Exposes Gaps in Judicial Clerk Protection Measures

Anchorage, Alaska — The resignation of U.S. District Judge Joshua Kindred, following allegations of abusive behavior toward his clerks, has spotlighted the ongoing concerns about the environment in which the judiciary’s most junior staffers work. Despite recent efforts to reinforce workplace protections, this high-profile case illustrates potential gaps in the safeguarding of these workers, as revealed in a Monday announcement of Kindred’s departure. Kindred, who served on the bench in Alaska, stepped down amid findings from an investigation that stretched over 18 months into reports of his misconduct towards his clerks. Though the specifics of … Read more

Grand Jury Exposes Governance Flaws in Antioch, Urges Leadership to Respect Boundaries and Fill Staff Vacancies

Antioch, CA — A recent investigation by the Contra Costa County Grand Jury into Antioch’s City Council activities under Mayor Lamar Thorpe has unveiled significant operational and managerial issues. The findings revealed probable violations of the Brown Act, which mandates transparency in public agency meetings, and inappropriate interventions in hiring and other administrative functions typically reserved for the City Manager. The turmoil includes a notably high turnover among city managers and an alarming 21.6% vacancy rate in city employment as of February 2024, starkly contrasting the national average of 5.3% for local and state government … Read more

Yale Law Professor Exposes Disturbing Eugenic Origins of Colorado’s Habitual Criminal Law

DENVER, Colorado – Yale Law School professor Daniel Loehr, along with research assistants Balen Essak-Hernandez and Courtney Perales, has filed an amicus brief before the Colorado Supreme Court, arguing that the state’s habitual criminal law is linked to the eugenics movement. Loehr’s brief, based on historical research conducted during his time at the Law School, aims to demonstrate the historical origins of the law and its ties to the eugenics movement. The brief focuses on the case of Ward v. the People of Colorado, in which an individual was charged under the habitual criminal law … Read more

Shattering the Argument: CNN Host Expertly Exposes Ex-Trump Lawyer’s Flawed Docs Theory on Live TV

New York, NY – A CNN host recently challenged the argument put forth by a former lawyer for President Donald Trump during a live broadcast. The host debunked claims made by the lawyer regarding certain documents related to the ongoing investigation. In an intense exchange, the CNN host addressed the lawyer’s assertion that the documents had been altered. The host dismissed this claim, stating that it was widely known and acknowledged that the documents were authentic and unaltered. The lawyer had indicated that the documents in question were not to be trusted due to inconsistencies. … Read more