Yale Law Professor Exposes Disturbing Eugenic Origins of Colorado’s Habitual Criminal Law

DENVER, Colorado – Yale Law School professor Daniel Loehr, along with research assistants Balen Essak-Hernandez and Courtney Perales, has filed an amicus brief before the Colorado Supreme Court, arguing that the state’s habitual criminal law is linked to the eugenics movement. Loehr’s brief, based on historical research conducted during his time at the Law School, aims to demonstrate the historical origins of the law and its ties to the eugenics movement. The brief focuses on the case of Ward v. the People of Colorado, in which an individual was charged under the habitual criminal law … Read more

Shattering the Argument: CNN Host Expertly Exposes Ex-Trump Lawyer’s Flawed Docs Theory on Live TV

New York, NY – A CNN host recently challenged the argument put forth by a former lawyer for President Donald Trump during a live broadcast. The host debunked claims made by the lawyer regarding certain documents related to the ongoing investigation. In an intense exchange, the CNN host addressed the lawyer’s assertion that the documents had been altered. The host dismissed this claim, stating that it was widely known and acknowledged that the documents were authentic and unaltered. The lawyer had indicated that the documents in question were not to be trusted due to inconsistencies. … Read more

Special Grand Jury Report Exposes Failures in Suffolk County Child Protective Services Investigation of Thomas Valva’s Tragic Death

Suffolk, NY – A special grand jury formed to investigate the Suffolk County Department of Social Services following the tragic death of 8-year-old Thomas Valva in 2020 has released a 75-page report. The report concludes that no criminal charges should be filed against Child Protective Services (CPS) caseworkers involved in investigating allegations of abuse by the child’s father and his fiancĂ©. However, the report highlights the need for reform in confidentiality laws that effectively shielded the caseworkers from public scrutiny. The grand jury’s report does not recommend criminal charges against the CPS caseworkers or supervisors … Read more

Prominent XRP Lawyer Exposes SEC’s Bias in Ongoing Ripple Lawsuit

San Francisco, CA – The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken a new turn as a prominent XRP lawyer criticizes the SEC’s handling of the case. In a scathing social media post, Bill Morgan, a lawyer specializing in XRP, accused the SEC of unfair treatment and an abuse of power, sparking discussions among crypto market enthusiasts. Morgan raised serious concerns regarding the SEC’s approach to the Ripple lawsuit, suggesting bias against the company. The regulatory body’s ongoing legal battle against Ripple has been a topic of … Read more