Dolton Trustee Andrew Holmes Faces Accusations of Sexual Assault: Mayor Accused of Cover-Up

DOLTON, Illinois – Dolton Trustee and renowned Chicago activist Andrew Holmes is facing allegations of sexual assault. A former employee of Dolton, along with a Dolton police officer, filed a lawsuit accusing Holmes of the assault, and claiming that Mayor Tiffany Henyard attempted to cover it up for her own protection. Both Holmes and Henyard are named as defendants in the suit. The Las Vegas Police Department has confirmed that they are currently carrying out an ongoing investigation into Holmes. According to the lawsuit, Mayor Henyard and over a dozen others attended a conference in … Read more

Mississippi Resident Andrew S. Harris Appointed as New U.S. Magistrate Judge, Bringing Extensive Legal Expertise to the Federal Bench

Jackson, Miss. – Andrew S. Harris has been named as the successor to U.S. Magistrate Judge F. Keith Ball in the Northern Division at Jackson by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi judges. The transition is set to take place on March 1, according to a press release from the court. Harris, a resident of Mississippi for 37 years, has a strong background in law and a deep connection to the state. He earned his B.A. from Millsaps College in 2007 and graduated with top honors from the University of … Read more

Disney Uses Court Ruling in Andrew Warren Case to Boost Lawsuit Against Governor Ron DeSantis

Tampa, Florida – Disney’s legal team has filed a copy of a recent court decision in support of their ongoing lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The court ruling, issued by the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, is seen as a victory for Andrew Warren, an ousted Tampa prosecutor fighting to get his job back. Both Warren and Disney argue that they were targeted by DeSantis due to their political positions. Warren was suspended by DeSantis in August 2022 after signing statements opposing efforts to criminalize abortion and gender-transition treatments for children. U.S. District … Read more

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyer Exposes Inconsistencies in Prince Andrew Accuser’s Story

London, UK – Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer is raising concerns about the credibility of the woman who accuses Prince Andrew of sexual assault. According to attorney Philip Barden, the accuser, Virginia Giuffre, has changed her story multiple times, leading to doubts about her claims. In recently obtained documents, Barden points out that Giuffre previously stated she did not have sex with Prince Andrew in 2014. However, she later claimed that they had engaged in a sexual encounter in a small bathtub. Barden argues that Giuffre cannot have it both ways and questions the consistency of her … Read more