Heartbroken Dog Owner Sues Seattle Daycare Over Missing and Injured Pet

SEATTLE, Washington — Nahla, a beloved dog, enjoys her playtime at the park with her owners Kelsey and Jordan Marsh. The Marshs treasure these moments, especially considering that Nahla faced severe mobility issues last summer. Kelsey Marsh recalls the traumatic incident, stating, “They believed she had been hit by a vehicle, especially since her paw pads were torn off.”

Marsh is now pointing fingers at the dog daycare facility, The Dog Resort, as she recently filed a lawsuit against them in King County Superior Court. According to Marsh, she dropped Nahla off at the facility in the morning and received a distressing call in the afternoon, notifying her that her dog had gone missing. Employees at the daycare explained that Nahla was on a walk when her handler tripped and dropped the leash.

The news devastated Marsh, leaving her with countless unanswered questions about her dog’s well-being. Determined to find Nahla, Marsh and the employees of The Dog Resort embarked on a search that lasted through the night. It took them 28 exhausting hours until they received news that Nahla had been found alive, albeit severely injured. Marsh was reunited with Nahla at a shelter in Interbay, where she discovered the extent of the injuries. Marsh described Nahla as “visibly injured,” with lacerations along her legs and her paw pads completely ripped off.

To Marsh’s astonishment, Nahla was discovered at the top of Queen Anne, a location about 8 miles away from where she had disappeared. The emotional toll on Nahla during her 36-hour disappearance remains unimaginable to Marsh. In an effort to hold The Dog Resort accountable, Marsh contacted the owner to request payment for Nahla’s emergency veterinary costs, as well as the return of her personal belongings.

Unfortunately, Marsh’s attempts to obtain surveillance footage of Nahla leaving the facility and her personal belongings proved futile. Unsatisfied with the response, she decided to proceed with legal action against The Dog Resort, accusing the business of negligence and reckless behavior following Nahla’s disappearance. Previous employees and clients of The Dog Resort had already filed numerous complaints, ranging from overcrowding to animal cruelty and unsanitary conditions. The business eventually closed down after two separate fires occurred at its two locations just months apart.

In response to Marsh’s lawsuit, Mona Elassiouti, the owner of The Dog Resort, denies any negligent conduct. Elassiouti claims that The Dog Resort compensated Marsh for the veterinary expenses and asserts that there is no recorded footage of Nahla leaving the premises.

As for Marsh, she is seeking damages to account for the emotional distress she experienced and the ongoing veterinary costs for Nahla’s treatment. Despite being grateful for Nahla’s safe return, Marsh admits feeling guilty for allowing her dog to endure such suffering. She wishes the incident had never happened and hopes that no one else has to go through a similar ordeal.