Seattle Lawyer Accused of Blocking $1.19 Billion Water Contamination Settlement Denies Allegations, Calls Sanctions Motion an “Intimidation Tactic”

SEATTLE, Washington – A Seattle lawyer is fighting back against allegations that he held up a $1.19 billion water contamination settlement involving DuPont. Jeff Kray, of Marten Law, claims that the sanctions motion filed against him by class counsel is merely an “intimidation tactic” based on a “fantastical conspiracy theory.” Kray argues that class counsel failed to meet with him prior to filing the motion. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, represented by Kray, is at the center of this legal battle. Mitchell Tilner, an attorney from Horvitz & Levy in Burbank, California, has … Read more

Seattle Braces for a Changing Climate: Exploring New Laws to Tackle Weather Challenges in 2024

Seattle, Washington – New laws are set to take effect in 2024 in Washington state, bringing changes to various aspects of daily life for residents. These legislative updates cover a wide range of issues, including weather, education, and transportation. One of the notable changes is a new weather regulation that requires all residents in Seattle to own an umbrella at all times. This law, aimed at combating the city’s notorious rainy climate, hopes to ensure that individuals are always prepared for precipitation. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in fines or penalties. In … Read more

Seattle Entrepreneur’s Career Journey: From SAT Act of Kindness to Socially Conscious Start-ups

SEATTLE – Jane Park, the founder and CEO of Seattle-based start-up Tokki, can attribute her successful career and life to a random act of kindness that allowed her to take her SAT test in high school. Park arrived at the testing center without money to pay for the exam, unaware that there was a fee. However, a kind stranger behind her in line paid for the test and provided their address for Park to send a reimbursement check. Reflecting on that moment, Park wishes she had kept the address to express her gratitude and share … Read more

Lawsuit Against Seattle Children’s Hospital Highlights Emotional and Financial Toll of Mold Exposure

Seattle Children’s Hospital has been ordered to pay a total of approximately $215,000 in damages following a lawsuit over Aspergillus mold exposure. Although none of the plaintiffs contracted the potentially deadly mold, they claimed that their children had experienced distress or discomfort as a result of the hospital’s negligence. The jury agreed that the hospital had caused harm, but the amount awarded seemed relatively low for a medical trial. The damages were divided among three families involved in the lawsuit. Seattle Children’s Hospital had already accepted responsibility for their patients’ exposure to mold, leaving it … Read more