Highway Chase Tragedy: Deadly Confrontation and Manhunt Unfold in Cañon City

Cañon City, Colorado – Law enforcement in Cañon City issued a shelter-in-place order on Sunday following a high-speed chase that resulted in the death of at least one suspect. According to officials, the pursuit started at around 11 a.m. when authorities received information from Pueblo that the police were pursuing a vehicle occupied by an individual suspected of homicide.

The chase, which began in Pueblo County, continued westbound on Highway 50 until it reached Cañon City. Once in the city, the suspect’s vehicle made a northbound turn, prompting a joint effort from Pueblo PD, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, and CCPD to follow the suspects through a field.

The incident unfolded in the 2800 block of Central Avenue, where the suspect’s vehicle became disabled. Two individuals fled on foot, leading to a foot chase by the pursuing officers. During the confrontation, shots were fired, resulting in the death of one suspect. The authorities have not specified which party fired the shots.

The second suspect managed to escape and is currently at large, causing a shelter-in-place order to be enforced in Cañon City. Descriptions of the suspect highlight him as a Hispanic man wearing a dark-colored hoodie and blue jeans.

In their efforts to apprehend the remaining suspect, the CCPD is receiving assistance from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Custer County Sheriff’s Office, and the Florence Police Department. As the investigation and search continue, updates will be provided as soon as they become available.

To summarize, law enforcement in Cañon City, Colorado, issued a shelter-in-place order after a high-speed chase involving suspects wanted for homicide. The pursuit began in Pueblo County and continued into Cañon City, where one suspect was fatally shot after a confrontation with the police. The second suspect remains at large, prompting the enforcement of the shelter-in-place order. Assistance is being provided by various agencies as the search and investigation unfold.