Allegations of Fraud: Donald Trump’s Attorney Slams New York Attorney General as ‘Fame-Hungry’ Amidst $370 Million Lawsuit

New York’s Democratic attorney general is seeking up to $370 million in fines in a civil fraud lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and his business empire. Attorney Alina Habba, representing Trump in the case, criticized Attorney General Letitia James, calling her “fame-hungry” and accusing her of prioritizing politics over the interests of New York State. James originally sued Trump in September 2022, alleging that he inflated the value of his assets to secure better business terms. She argued last week that new evidence justifies raising the fines to $370 million.

While Habba dismissed James’s filings as an attempt to “up the ante,” the attorney general cited evidence in the case. The damages were categorized into three parts: earnings gained from misstating assets, bonuses paid to employees involved in the alleged scheme, and profit from two deals deemed fraudulent. The deals in question involved the Old Post Office in Washington, which generated $139 million in profit, and the Ferry Point golf course in New York City, which resulted in $60 million in profit.

James’s interest in Trump predates her five-year tenure in office. During her 2017 campaign, she referred to Trump as a “con man” and vowed to investigate his real estate dealings thoroughly. Habba argued that the expert witnesses who testified on Trump’s behalf should assert that his statements gave too much information and caused no harm. She also stated that Deutsche Bank, which worked with Trump, found him to be a good client who paid off loans ahead of schedule.

The trial is presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron, who ruled before the trial began that Trump was guilty of James’s allegations and ordered the dissolution of his New York business. Closing arguments for the four-month trial are set for January 11, and Engoron will decide on penalties by the end of the month. The trial aims to determine whether Trump and the defendants violated state fraud statutes and whether disgorgement, the amount Trump should pay, will be ordered.

In summary, New York’s attorney general has sought increased fines against Donald Trump in a civil fraud lawsuit. Trump’s attorney criticized the attorney general as “fame-hungry,” while the attorney general argued that new evidence justifies raising the fines. The trial, presided over by Judge Engoron, will determine whether Trump and the defendants violated fraud statutes and the amount Trump should pay.