Jury Begins Deliberations to Determine Penalty for Cop Killer Marco Perez

Mobile, Alabama – After being found guilty of capital murder for the killing of Mobile police officer Sean Tuder, Marco Perez now faces a penalty hearing to determine his punishment. The hearing began on Thursday afternoon.

In January 2019, Marco Perez shot and killed Officer Sean Tuder at the Peach Place Inn Apartments. The jury delivered a guilty verdict on Thursday morning, prompting the start of the penalty phase. Perez now faces the possibility of either the death penalty or life in prison without parole. The jury will ultimately decide his fate.

During the opening arguments, prosecutor Ashley Rich informed the jury that they would be presented with more evidence about Perez’s character and criminal history. She emphasized that Perez poses a continuing danger and that his “dangerous behaviors” warrant the death penalty. To enforce this penalty, a minimum of 10 out of 12 jurors must vote in favor.

On the other hand, Perez’s defense attorney, Jason Darley, argued against the death penalty, suggesting that life in prison would adequately serve as punishment.

Prosecutors proceeded to call members of Officer Tuder’s family to testify about the significant impact his death has had on them. Tuder’s widow, Kristin Tuder-Lang, tearfully recounted how she was notified of her husband’s killing and explained how it has deeply changed her as a person. She emphasized the unexpected nature of the tragedy, expressing that one never expects it to happen to them.

The state also brought corrections officers from Mobile Metro Jail to testify about Perez’s behavior while being held there. One corrections officer testified about an altercation Perez had with another inmate, presenting surveillance video of the incident. In cross-examination, defense attorney Jason Darley argued that such behavior is typical in jail.

The penalty hearing will resume on Friday morning to further determine the appropriate punishment for Marco Perez.