Jury Selection Unfolds as Cleotha Abston’s Landmark Rape Trial Begins: Exclusive Coverage

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Jury selection is currently underway in the rape trial of Cleotha Abston, a case that has garnered significant attention in the city. Abston is accused of committing the assault and now faces the possibility of severe penalties if convicted. This high-profile trial is being closely monitored by legal experts and community members alike. The selection process for the jury began on [date], with potential jurors being questioned extensively to ensure impartiality. The prosecution and defense are carefully choosing individuals who can objectively evaluate the evidence and reach a fair verdict. The trial … Read more

Trial Begins for Accused Kidnapper and Rapist Cleotha Abston in Separate Case

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — The trial is set to begin this week for Cleotha Abston, the man accused of kidnapping and killing a Memphis school teacher. However, before facing charges related to the teacher’s death, Abston is expected to go to trial for a separate rape case. The trial for Alicia Franklin’s rape case commenced on Monday, with jury selection taking place. Abston faces charges of aggravated rape, especially aggravated kidnapping, and unlawful possession of a weapon in connection with Franklin’s case. It is worth noting that WREG, the news outlet covering the story, typically … Read more

Minot Man Faces Justice as Jury Trial Begins for 2021 Murder Case

Minot, North Dakota – The trial for a Minot man accused of murdering a woman in 2021 commenced this week with the process of jury selection. Kamauri Siede Kennedy, 35, is facing two Class AA felony charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in North Central District Court in Minot. The trial is expected to last eight days. During a hearing in October 2023, Judge Gary Lee informed both parties to anticipate the call of 75-100 potential jurors, with the selection process estimated to take about a day to finalize. Kennedy stands accused of … Read more

Trial Begins: Chad Daybell Transferred to Ada County Jail for Death Penalty Jury Selection

BOISE, Idaho – Chad Daybell, the suspect in the high-profile case involving the murders of Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow, has been transferred to the Ada County Jail in Boise in preparation for his upcoming trial. Daybell’s relocation comes as the legal proceedings against him continue to unfold. On the first day of the trial, the process of empaneling a death penalty jury began. This significant step in the legal proceedings will determine the individuals who will serve as jurors during Daybell’s trial. Daybell’s case has garnered national attention due to the shocking nature of … Read more