NFL Faces Record $12.288 Billion Penalty in Landmark Antitrust Class Action Over Sunday Ticket Pricing

Federal court recently ruled that the NFL will have to pay a staggering $4.096 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit, a decision that marks a significant financial setback for the league. The sum, which a jury awarded after approximately a full day of deliberations that began Wednesday and concluded Thursday, will specifically target the NFL’s Sunday Ticket pricing strategies. This landmark judgement, notably the largest the NFL has ever faced, came after plaintiffs argued that the NFL’s Sunday Ticket service, which required fans to purchase a package to watch games not broadcast in their local … Read more

Court Increases Financial Penalty for White Nationalists to $2 Million Over Charlottesville Rally Violence

Charlottesville, Va. — A Virginia judge has mandated that prominent white nationalists, including some organizers of the 2017 Unite the Right rally, pay an additional $2 million in punitive damages. This decision escalates the financial repercussions stemming from their roles in the violent events that disrupted Charlottesville, resulting in widespread injury and the death of one woman. The order, issued by Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Richard E. Moore, supplements an earlier ruling where the defendants were already found liable for planning and participating in the rally which turned calamitously violent. This new penalty brings their … Read more

NFL Faces Record $14.39 Billion Penalty as Jury Finds Antitrust Violation in ‘Sunday Ticket’ Distribution

Los Angeles — A U.S. District Court jury has ruled against the NFL, issuing a nearly $4.8 billion award on Thursday, stating the league’s handling of its out-of-market Sunday afternoon game broadcasts via DirecTV broke federal antitrust laws. This case not only scrutinizes the NFL’s exclusive distribution actions but could reshape sports broadcasting arrangements extending to other leagues. The ruling covers claims over a period from 2011 to 2022, involving some 2.4 million residential and 48,000 commercial subscribers. The subscribers argued that the NFL’s “Sunday Ticket” service, the exclusive broadcast outlet for these games, was … Read more

NFL Faced With $4.7 Billion Penalty Over ‘Sunday Ticket’ Broadcast Dispute

Los Angeles — In an unprecedented legal decision, a jury has ordered the National Football League to pay $4.7 billion in damages over its handling of the “Sunday Ticket” package, signaling a potentially transformative moment for sports broadcasting rights and antitrust law. This marks one of the heaviest penalties in sports and entertainment litigation, centering on the controversial package that historically allowed football fans to watch any game, regardless of their location. The ruling comes after long-held frustrations by bar owners, fans, and various businesses who argued that the NFL’s exclusive arrangement with DirecTV, which … Read more