Jury Selection Begins in Trial Against Alleged Killers of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay, Shedding Light on Unsolved Murder

Brooklyn, NY – Jury selection is set to begin Monday afternoon in the trial of two men accused of killing Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay more than two decades ago. The trial is taking place in Brooklyn Federal Court, marking a significant step in the long-standing mystery surrounding the murder of the iconic musician. Jason Mizell, popularly known as Jam Master Jay, would have turned 59 just a day before the start of the trial.

The trial comes after Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington were indicted in August 2022 for their alleged involvement in Mizell’s murder. The unsealed 10-count indictment provided the public with previously unknown details on a motive that had remained unclear for so long.

Federal prosecutors claim that Jordan and Washington entered Jay’s studio in Queens with the intention of locating and distributing 10 kilograms of cocaine in Maryland. Mizell, who was supposedly in possession of the drugs at the time, informed Washington that he wanted no part in the distribution, leading to a murder conspiracy.

According to the indictment, it was Jordan who fired the fatal shot that took Jay’s life. Both Jordan and Washington are facing charges of murder in connection with drug trafficking and firearm-related murder. Jordan is also facing additional counts related to drug distribution.

The murder of Jam Master Jay has remained a perplexing case for nearly 18 years. With limited witnesses and no clear motive, the musician’s death has been the subject of much speculation and intrigue. The trial aims to shed light on the events surrounding his tragic demise.

Jam Master Jay was an integral part of the legendary rap group Run-DMC, known for his DJ skills and contributions to their signature sound. Unfortunately, his fate mirrors that of other influential rappers like Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., who also met untimely deaths.

Jay’s former studio has since been transformed into the Hall of Fame studio, honoring his legacy with vibrant murals and memorabilia from the iconic group. The start of the trial serves as a reminder of the enduring impact Jam Master Jay had on the music industry and his lasting influence on hip-hop culture.

As jury selection begins, all eyes are on the courtroom in Brooklyn, awaiting the revelation of long-awaited answers and justice for the loss of a true music icon.