Las Vegas Judge Attacked in Courtroom: Assailant Sentenced to Prison

LAS VEGAS, NV – Five days after Deobra Redden attacked a Las Vegas judge in the courtroom, he faced her again, this time with added security measures in place. The 30-year-old appeared before Judge Mary Kay Holthus, with his wrists chained to his body and court officers on either side of him.

During the sentence hearing on Monday, Judge Holthus sentenced Redden to 19 to 48 months in prison for a previous charge of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm. The incident that occurred last week, in which Redden leaped over the bench to attack the judge, was captured on video and has since been viewed over 105 million times.

Despite the disruption caused by the attack, Judge Holthus stated that the incident did not influence her decision on Monday. She made it clear that any other issues arising from the incident would be addressed by a different court at a future date.

Redden’s attorney, Caesar Almase, declined to comment on Monday.

In the courtroom video, it was revealed that Almase had requested a probation sentence for Redden’s April attempted battery charge. However, Judge Holthus declined, citing Redden’s history and stating that it was time for him to face a different consequence.

The attack occurred moments after Holthus denied Almase’s request. Redden ran towards the bench, leaped over it, and tackled Holthus to the ground. Both Holthus and a courtroom marshal were injured and taken to the hospital. Holthus was released from the hospital on Thursday.

Redden now faces 13 new charges, including coercion with force, extortion, and battery on a protected person. Bail has been set at $54,000.

During Monday’s hearing, additional security personnel were present, and Redden wore a black mesh mask and orange restrictive gloves. After the sentencing, he was escorted out of the courtroom by court officers.

Redden’s first court appearance for last week’s charges is scheduled for Tuesday.

In summary, Deobra Redden received a prison sentence for a previous charge of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm after attacking Judge Mary Kay Holthus in the courtroom. Redden now faces additional charges and remains in custody.