Lawyer Alleges Trump’s Hidden Agenda to ‘Sow Chaos’ Unveiled During Defamation Damages Hearing: Columnist’s Legal Team Urges Judge to Take Note

WASHINGTON (AP) — The attorney for a columnist involved in a defamation case against former President Donald Trump cautioned a judge on Thursday that Trump hopes to “sow chaos” as the jury deliberates on damages. The case centers around the column that accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

During closing arguments, the columnist’s lawyer emphasized that Trump has a history of targeting his critics with lawsuits in order to discourage them from speaking out. The lawyer argued that allowing Trump to escape any consequences would only enable him to continue this pattern of behavior.

The columnist’s attorney told the court that Trump’s strategy is to create confusion and uncertainty, making it difficult for the jury to reach a fair and just verdict. They urged the judge to see through this tactic and to protect the integrity of the judicial process.

In response, Trump’s attorney denied the claim that their client intends to disrupt the trial and stated that the allegations have no basis in reality. They argued that the jury should focus solely on the evidence presented and not be swayed by speculation or conjecture.

Throughout the trial, the columnist’s lawyer contended that Trump’s actions were a clear attempt to use the power of his office to silence his critics. They argued that a substantial financial penalty for Trump would send a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

The jury is now deliberating on the amount of damages to award the columnist. The closing arguments presented by both sides have provided them with contrasting views on the case. It is now up to the jury to carefully assess the evidence and reach a decision.

Regardless of the outcome, this case has highlighted the tensions between freedom of speech and the right to protect one’s reputation. It has also underscored the potential abuse of power that can occur when a public figure uses legal action to intimidate their critics.

In closing, the attorney for the columnist warned the judge of Trump’s attempt to disrupt the trial and encouraged him to protect the integrity of the judicial process. The jury is now deliberating on the amount of damages, and their decision will reveal whether they have been swayed by Trump’s alleged tactics or have followed the evidence presented.