Man Falsely Identified as Suspect, Tased in Hospital: Lawsuit Targets City of Bolivar and Police Officers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Bolivar and two Bolivar police officers after a man claims he was tased and handcuffed during a visit to Bolivar General Hospital. Cameron Woods, 23, stated that he went to the hospital’s emergency room on December 16, 2022, due to difficulty breathing. However, his choice of clothing – a white hoodie, blue pants, and black shoes – inadvertently led to a life-changing incident. Woods alleged that he was taken to an X-ray room where, without any warning, he was tased and subdued.

The events leading up to the incident began the previous day, on December 15, when police responded to a shots fired call near West Market Street. They were searching for a black male wearing a white hoodie, dark pants, and white shoes – a description similar to Woods’ attire. According to Jeff Rosenblum, the attorney representing Woods, the officers proceeded to use their tasers on Woods, even though they discovered it was a case of mistaken identity.

While the lawsuit claims that an employee at the hospital alerted the police about Woods, Dale Conder, the attorney representing The City of Bolivar and the two officers – Granville Lloyd and Allen Sides – stated that the officers believed Woods to be the suspect they were pursuing. Conder explained that the officers ordered Woods to show his hands, but when he momentarily lowered them and then raised them again while sitting in a wheelchair, they tased him.

The incident has had lasting effects on Woods, who revealed that it continues to impact him emotionally. Meanwhile, the question of whether there is body camera footage of the incident remains unanswered. According to Conder, the video is confidential as the incident occurred within a hospital setting. He mentioned that a protective order would be required for Woods’ attorneys to access the footage.

Rosenblum hopes that this lawsuit will bring about change within the Bolivar Police Department, advocating for improved training, policies, and procedures, as well as their enforcement. As the legal proceedings progress, the case serves as a reminder of the consequences that can arise from mistaken identity and the need for careful judgment in similar situations.

In summary, a lawsuit has been filed against the City of Bolivar and two police officers after Cameron Woods claimed he was mistakenly tased and handcuffed during a visit to Bolivar General Hospital. The incident occurred after police believed Woods matched the description of a suspect involved in an earlier incident. While the lawsuit acknowledges the officers’ misunderstanding, Woods continues to feel the lasting impact of the ordeal. The existence of body camera footage remains uncertain, and the hope is that this lawsuit will prompt positive changes within the Bolivar Police Department.