Marshall Residents Vow to Appeal Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Ford’s Massive EV Battery Plant

MARSHALL, Michigan – A judge in Calhoun County has dismissed a lawsuit filed by residents in the Marshall area who were seeking to halt or alter a planned Ford development. Despite the setback, the residents have announced their intentions to appeal the decision. The lawsuit was originally filed by an organization called Committee for Marshall − Not the Megasite, arguing that the city and the city clerk had wrongfully denied their request for a formal vote on a local regulatory decision that would facilitate the construction of the Ford plant.

Circuit Judge William Marietti ruled in favor of the Marshall city clerk and the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance, stating that the residents’ arguments were not persuasive. This ruling is seen as a victory for the local economy and job growth, according to Jim Durian, head of the local economic development organization. He stressed the significance of the project in rejuvenating the Marshall community, creating employment opportunities, and boosting the local economy.

Although the plans for the site are not yet finalized, Ford initially announced a $3.5 billion investment and the creation of 2,500 jobs. However, due to a two-month pause in work caused by a UAW strike, Ford has since decided to reduce the plant’s production capacity by approximately 40%, eliminating 800 jobs and more than $1 billion in investment. As a result, the original projected public incentives provided by Michigan, totaling around $1.8 billion, are expected to decrease as the scope of the project changes.

Ford remains committed to the project and plans to commence production in 2026. The residents opposing the site are not deterred and have stated their intention to appeal the judge’s decision. Regis Klingler, a spokesperson for the committee, expressed their determination to continue the fight while highlighting their reasons for pursuing an appeal.

In conclusion, a Calhoun County judge has dismissed a lawsuit aimed at preventing the construction of a Ford electric vehicle battery plant near Marshall, Michigan. Despite the setback, the judge’s ruling is seen as a significant win for local economic development and job creation. Ford’s plans for the site have been scaled back, but the company remains committed to the project. The residents opposing the plant have vowed to continue their fight through the appeals process.