Murder Suspect Denied Dismissal: La Crosse Court Rejects Request for Speedy Trial in Stabbing Death Case

LA CROSSE, WI – Anquin St. Junious, the suspect in a 2019 murder case, had his request to dismiss the charges denied by the court. St. Junious, who is currently being held in Portage County state prison on unrelated charges, argued that the local courts disregarded his plea for a speedy trial concerning the fatal stabbing of Virgil Stewart inside a parked taxi.

Speaking via video link from the prison, St. Junious claimed that he had not been granted a speedy trial or even given a trial date. Representing himself in court, he argued that his rights had been violated. The 44-year-old is facing several charges, including 2nd degree reckless homicide.

La Crosse County Judge Ramona Gonzalez stated that the lack of legal representation for St. Junious contributed to the delays in the homicide case. She assured the defendant that efforts were being made to find an attorney for him. St. Junious expressed his desire to have a lawyer represent him instead of acting as his own legal counsel.

The murder of Virgil Stewart occurred on January 2, 2019, allegedly during an altercation between St. Junious and Stewart inside a cab parked on 7th Street in La Crosse. St. Junious entered a plea of not guilty in March of the same year, and the trial was originally scheduled for October.

Since 2019, four different defense attorneys have been involved in the case. Despite St. Junious’s request for a dismissal, the court has decided to proceed with the trial. The denial of his motion implies that the case will continue, and an attorney will be appointed to represent St. Junious.

The murder trial has garnered attention due to the delays in progress and the defendant’s claims of denial of a speedy trial. As the legal proceedings unfold, the court will address these concerns and ensure a fair trial for all parties involved.

Legal experts anticipate that the appointment of a defense attorney will aid in expediting the trial, allowing for a resolution in the murder case of Virgil Stewart. The next steps in the proceedings and the selection of the attorney will be key factors in determining the timeline for the trial.