Controversial Bill Makes Being in Iowa a State Crime for Previously Denied or Removed Individuals

DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a bill into law that makes it a state crime for a person to be in Iowa if they have previously been denied admission or removed from the United States. The law, which will go into effect on July 1, has raised concerns among Iowa’s immigrant communities and has sparked discussions among legal experts and law enforcement officials about its enforcement. This legislation, known as Senate File 2340, closely resembles a Texas law that is currently facing legal challenges. Leaders of the Iowa Latinx community … Read more

Iowa Gov. Signs Law Allowing Police to Arrest Migrants Previously Denied Entry or Deported

Des Moines, Iowa – Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a new law that allows state authorities to arrest migrants who have been denied entry or deported from the US. The law, known as SF 2340, aims to address what the governor calls the failure of the Biden administration to enforce immigration laws. Reynolds accuses the administration of refusing to deport those who enter the country illegally, while the new law gives Iowa law enforcement the power to enforce existing immigration laws. Under the new law, migrants who have outstanding deportation orders, have been previously … Read more

Drew Peterson’s Bid for New Trial Hits Roadblock as Mental Fitness Evaluation Request Denied

BOLINGBROOK, Illinois – Drew Peterson, the man currently serving a 38-year prison sentence for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, has encountered another setback in his efforts to secure a new trial. Peterson’s defense team had requested a mental fitness evaluation after expressing concerns about their client’s mental state. However, the prosecution argued that Peterson appeared coherent and capable of communication during a recent hearing. During the hearing, Judge Carlson reviewed the initial evaluation and ultimately denied the defense’s request. The judge cited Peterson’s participation in a national news interview back in February … Read more

Trump Denied Presidential Immunity in Hush Money Trial: Case to Proceed on April 15th

New York: Former President Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity has been denied by Justice Juan Merchan in his criminal hush-money trial. The judge ruled that Trump had multiple opportunities to raise the claim of presidential immunity before he did, effectively shutting down his argument. The judge stated that since he was denying the motion on this basis, he did not need to address whether presidential immunity would prevent the introduction of evidence of official presidential acts in a criminal proceeding. Trump’s trial is still scheduled to begin on April 15th. Meanwhile, Special counsel Jack … Read more