Newport VFD Under Fire: Township Trustees Initiate Civil Lawsuit Sparking Controversy

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – Trustees in Green Township have filed a civil lawsuit against the Newport Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) over alleged financial misconduct. The lawsuit claims that the township has suffered significant financial losses due to misappropriation of funds by the fire department.

According to the lawsuit, the trustees accuse the VFD of using township funds for personal expenses, including travel, meals, and clothing. They contend that these purchases were not authorized and were made without proper documentation. The lawsuit also alleges that the fire department failed to provide the township with accurate financial records and failed to submit required reports.

The trustees claim that they discovered the financial discrepancies during a routine audit of the VFD’s accounts. They state that they repeatedly requested supporting documents and explanations for the expenses, but the fire department failed to provide satisfactory answers.

As a result of the alleged financial misconduct, the trustees are seeking restitution for the township’s losses and are asking for an injunction to prevent any further misuse of funds. They state that they are filing the lawsuit to protect the interests of the township and its residents.

The Newport VFD has not yet issued an official response to the civil lawsuit. However, it is important to note that any accusations or claims made against them are still allegations at this stage and have not been proven in court.

This legal action highlights the importance of financial transparency and accountability within volunteer organizations. Trust and confidence in these institutions are crucial for their effective operation and the community’s support.

It is yet to be seen how this civil lawsuit will unfold and what impact it will have on the Newport VFD’s future operations. The lawsuit serves as a reminder to all organizations to ensure proper financial management and adhere to regulations to maintain the trust of their stakeholders.