Newport VFD Under Fire: Township Trustees Initiate Civil Lawsuit Sparking Controversy

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – Trustees in Green Township have filed a civil lawsuit against the Newport Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) over alleged financial misconduct. The lawsuit claims that the township has suffered significant financial losses due to misappropriation of funds by the fire department. According to the lawsuit, the trustees accuse the VFD of using township funds for personal expenses, including travel, meals, and clothing. They contend that these purchases were not authorized and were made without proper documentation. The lawsuit also alleges that the fire department failed to provide the township with accurate financial records … Read more

Judge Denies Montclair Board of Education’s Lawsuit Against Township Over Woodman Field Renovations: Tosses Out Case, Citing Lack of Logic

MONTCLAIR, N.J. – The Montclair Board of Education faced a setback in court on Friday in its lawsuit against the Township of Montclair over renovations at Woodman Field. Honorable Judge Stephen Petrillo expressed skepticism about allowing either party to proceed. He stated, “I don’t know if it makes sense to let either one of the parties go forward. I’m not going to allow the Board of Education to proceed at this point.” The hearing revolved around an order to show cause filed by the Board of Education. The order requested that the township cease enforcing … Read more

High-Stakes Deliberations: Jury Remains Divided in Controversial Bath Township Murder Trial

ST. JOHNS, Mich. – The murder trial of Thomas Olson continues as the jury remains undecided. Olson is facing charges for the 2018 killing of Chong Yang, a hunter from Bath Township. After commencing their deliberations on Tuesday at noon, the jury has now taken a total of 12 hours to reach a verdict. The courtroom was filled with supporters from both sides, creating a charged atmosphere. The defense began the day by seeking clarifications on certain points raised during the closing arguments of the previous day. Throughout the deliberations, the jury has posed numerous … Read more

Former Pittsburgh Steelers Player’s Ligonier Township Estate Sold as Personal Home, Dashing Hopes for Clergy Retreat Center

Ligonier Township, located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, saw the sale of a 133-acre estate previously owned by a former Pittsburgh Steelers player. The property, which was intended to be a retreat center for clergy and pastors, was purchased by a former Pittsburgh attorney who plans to use it as his personal home. The estate was sold for $3.76 million to Antonio “Tony” and Amy Dias of Miami in November. Tony Dias, a Wilkinsburg native who now practices law in Miami, expressed his fondness for the town of Ligonier and the property itself. According to Dias, … Read more