Pro-XRP Lawyer John Deaton Takes Aim at Senator Elizabeth Warren in Race for Freedom

Boston, Massachusetts – John Deaton, a prominent lawyer known for his support of XRP, has launched an impassioned criticism against Senator Elizabeth Warren. Deaton has also taken aim at Warren’s connections to elite funding as she competes against him for a Senate seat. Deaton delivered a rallying cry to his supporters, declaring, “If I had the means to self-fund, I would do so, because the future of freedom is at stake.” He firmly rejected the influence of elites who contribute to Warren’s Senate campaign, stating, “Let’s send a message to the Washington elites that the … Read more

Ysabel Jurado’s Grassroots Campaign Surges Ahead in L.A. City Council Race, Defying Big-Money Backers

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In a surprising turn of events, Ysabel Jurado, a tenant rights attorney and Los Angeles City Council candidate, has taken the lead in the race for the 14th District. Jurado, who operated on a grassroots campaign without the support of big-money backers or glossy campaign mailers, deployed a powerful canvassing operation that covered 85,000 doors across the district. The strategy seems to be paying off, as Jurado now finds herself in first place and likely headed to a runoff. Jurado’s campaign focused on supporting renters, fighting gentrification, and amplifying the voices … Read more

San Antonio Attorney Ana Laura Ramirez Advances to the Runoff Amid Controversial Signature Dispute in Judge Race

San Antonio, Texas – Ana Laura Ramirez, a lawyer from San Antonio, will be heading into a runoff in the judge race amidst a dispute over signatures. The election results are being contested due to allegations of fraudulent signature petitions. Ramirez, who has been campaigning to become a judge, received enough votes in the primary to move on to the next round. However, her victory has been overshadowed by a controversy surrounding the authenticity of some of the signatures on her nomination petitions. The allegations stem from a competing candidate who claims that Ramirez’s team … Read more

Saini-Donabed Surge Ahead in the highly anticipated Merced County Superior Court Judge Race

MERCED, Calif. – In the race for Merced County Superior Court judge, candidate Saini-Donabed has emerged as the frontrunner with a substantial lead. With the election drawing near, Saini-Donabed’s strong performance in the campaign has positioned her as a top contender for the prestigious judicial position. Saini-Donabed’s campaign strategies have effectively resonated with voters, garnering significant support throughout the county. Her compelling message and dedication to justice have struck a chord with many residents, propelling her ahead in the race. As the election approaches, Saini-Donabed’s momentum continues to grow, solidifying her as a formidable candidate. … Read more