Notorious Drug Dealer Codi Trybe Arrested Again with Massive Amounts of Fentanyl: Facing $328,000 Bond

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – A drug dealer with an extensive criminal history was given a significant bond by Judge Michelle Baker after being arrested once again. Codi Trybe, who has accumulated 26 felony charges and at least 2 felony convictions, now faces a bond of $328,000. Sheriff Wayne Ivey expressed his frustration with repeat offenders like Trybe, asserting that she has had numerous chances to turn her life around but has instead chosen a path of criminality.

Trybe’s most recent arrest occurred when Deputy Michael Tufano conducted a traffic stop and a Melbourne PD K9 alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle. A subsequent search uncovered a wallet with Trybe’s identification and a spoon containing cocaine residue. Further investigation found a soft sided sunglass case in her bra, which contained 6 bags weighing approximately 49g of a substance identified as Fentanyl, a highly potent opioid.

It is worth noting that just 2mg of Fentanyl is considered a lethal dose, meaning 49g of the substance found on Trybe could have been enough to fatally poison approximately 24,500 people. Additionally, 2 more bags of cocaine, as well as baggies containing Oxycodone pills, were discovered on her person. A small bag of methamphetamine and a needle were also found.

Sheriff Ivey expressed his exasperation with Trybe’s continuous criminal activities, emphasizing the impact it has on both society and taxpayers. He commended Deputy Tufano for his work in the arrest and acknowledged the efforts of Assistant State Attorney Don Loughran and Judge Michelle Baker, who increased Trybe’s bond to help ensure she remains behind bars. Sheriff Ivey called on the criminal justice system to fulfill its duty in keeping dangerous individuals like Trybe off the streets.

With Trybe now facing a multitude of drug and trafficking charges, the hope is that she will remain in custody and be held accountable for her actions. The ongoing struggle to combat drug-related crime highlights the need for effective measures to address the issue and protect communities.