Former Death Row Inmate Granted Life in Resentencing Hearing after 27 Years: Shocking Twist in Notorious Liberty City Case

MIAMI (AP) — In a stunning turn of events, Tavares Calloway, the convicted killer who was sentenced to death in 2010 for a heinous crime, has been given a chance at life. After a resentencing hearing on Thursday night, a jury recommended Calloway be sentenced to life in prison instead. The decision came 14 years after he was released from death row. The brutal crime took place in 1997 in a Liberty City apartment, where Calloway stormed in and subjected five men to a horrifying ordeal. He tied them up, taped their mouths shut, and … Read more

Notorious NYC Landlord Faces Arrest for Ignoring Court-Ordered Repairs, Could Go to Jail for 60 Days

NEW YORK CITY – A Manhattan judge has ordered the arrest of Daniel Ohebshalom, one of the most notorious landlords in New York City, for failing to make court-ordered repairs at two Washington Heights properties. Ohebshalom, who topped the public advocate’s recent “worst landlords” list, faces up to two months in jail for repeatedly neglecting mandatory repairs, according to Judge Jack Stoller. This represents a rare instance of a landlord facing jail time for substandard living conditions. Ohebshalom allegedly ignored scheduled appointments and failed to address nearly 700 violations across the two buildings, which include … Read more

Veteran Prosecutor Resigns Amid Allegations of Witness Manipulation and Misconduct in Notorious Gang Leader’s Death Penalty Trial

Miami, Florida – A veteran Miami prosecutor has resigned following allegations of witness manipulation in a high-profile death penalty case against a notorious gang leader. Michael Von Zamft, who has handled major criminal cases throughout his career, stepped down after a judge disqualified him and another prosecutor from the trial of convicted murderer Corey Smith. The judge found evidence of witness manipulation and severe recklessness by the prosecutors, stretching back to the case’s origins 24 years ago. The prosecutors’ actions were described as a “rabbit hole” that had lost sight of their responsibility to seek … Read more

Notorious Drug Dealer Codi Trybe Arrested Again with Massive Amounts of Fentanyl: Facing $328,000 Bond

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – A drug dealer with an extensive criminal history was given a significant bond by Judge Michelle Baker after being arrested once again. Codi Trybe, who has accumulated 26 felony charges and at least 2 felony convictions, now faces a bond of $328,000. Sheriff Wayne Ivey expressed his frustration with repeat offenders like Trybe, asserting that she has had numerous chances to turn her life around but has instead chosen a path of criminality. Trybe’s most recent arrest occurred when Deputy Michael Tufano conducted a traffic stop and a Melbourne PD K9 … Read more