Overwhelming Majority of Japanese Citizens Demand Stricter Political Funds Control as Ruling Party Faces Fundraising Scandal

Tokyo, Japan – A recent survey conducted by Kyodo News reveals that a vast majority of respondents, 86.6 percent to be precise, support the implementation of stricter laws regarding political funds control in Japan. This comes in the midst of a fundraising scandal that has embroiled the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Furthermore, the survey shows that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s handling of a recent magnitude-7.6 earthquake on the Noto Peninsula did not fare well with the public, as 61.6 percent expressed dissatisfaction.

The survey, carried out via telephone and initiated on Saturday, also sheds light on the approval rating of Kishida’s Cabinet. Currently, it stands at 27.3 percent, experiencing a 5-point increase from the previous poll in December. However, despite this slight improvement, it remains within the 20 percent range for the third consecutive survey. On the flip side, the disapproval rate dropped by 7.9 points to 57.5 percent, though it is still significantly high compared to previous results. It should be noted that Kishida assumed office as prime minister in October 2021.

One striking finding from the survey is that 80.2 percent of respondents believe that LDP factions should be dissolved. The rationale behind this sentiment stems from revelations that multiple members allegedly failed to declare hundreds of millions of yen in fundraising party revenue in political funding reports. The public’s lack of confidence in the LDP is evidenced by the fact that 75.1 percent do not have any expectations for the party’s efforts to prevent such controversies in the future. However, 22.4 percent of respondents hold a more optimistic view.

Furthermore, when it comes to the prospect of wage hikes, an overwhelming 85 percent of those surveyed harbor skepticism that they will outpace rising prices. Conversely, only 11.4 percent believe such increases will occur.

In summary, the Kyodo News survey signifies strong public support for stricter political funds control laws in Japan amidst a fundraising scandal involving the ruling LDP. It also reveals a public opinion downturn for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida following his management of the recent earthquake. Moreover, the survey highlights widespread belief that LDP factions should be dissolved due to allegations of undeclared party revenue. The findings indicate a lack of faith in the LDP’s ability to prevent similar issues in the future. Finally, the majority of respondents express doubts regarding the likelihood of wage hikes surpassing rising prices.