Former Client Accuses London Law Firm of Misusing Funds in Breach of Instructions

London, UK – A former client of law firm CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP has testified in a London court, alleging that the firm breached its instructions by misappropriating funds. The client’s claims shed light on potential misconduct within the legal industry and raise questions about the responsibilities of law firms in handling clients’ finances. The client, whose identity remains undisclosed, accused CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP of diverting money that had been earmarked for a specific purpose. This alleged breach of instructions, if proven true, raises concerns about the firm’s ethical practices … Read more

B.C. Lawyer Disbarred for Second Time, Facing Serious Disciplinary Actions Including Misappropriation of Trust Funds

Richmond, British Columbia – A lawyer from British Columbia has been disbarred for the second time by the provincial law society, following a hearing panel by the society. Hong Guo, who previously faced disbarment in November 2023 due to her inability to rehabilitate her professional conduct, has now been disbarred once again. The Law Society of British Columbia issued a statement announcing Guo’s disbarment and also ordered her to pay $45,497 in costs. This decision comes after the society found Guo guilty of misappropriating and mishandling trust funds, violating trust accounting rules, and engaging in … Read more

Education Advocates Challenge Unconstitutional Diversion of Taxpayer Funds for Baseball Stadium

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – A constitutional challenge has been filed against Senate Bill 1 (SB1) by Strong Public Schools Nevada and other education leaders. SB1, which allocates up to $380 million in taxpayer funds for the construction of a baseball stadium, has been accused of multiple constitutional violations. The primary aim of the challenge is to prevent public funds from being used for what is considered a misguided stadium project. Claiming that SB1 violates five sections of the State Constitution, the group believes that the bill should be invalidated. In a media release, Strong Public … Read more

Sanctions Imposed on Tom Girardi’s Son-in-Law and Former Law Partner for Failing to Safeguard Clients’ Settlement Funds

Los Angeles, California – Two lawyers connected to Tom Girardi’s defunct law firm have been sanctioned by a State Bar judge for failing to adequately protect clients from Girardi’s misappropriation of settlement funds. The judge’s decision last week imposes restrictions on David Lira, Girardi’s son-in-law and former employee, and suspends the law license of Keith Griffin, another attorney who worked with Girardi for two decades. Judge Phong Wang’s ruling prevents Lira from controlling bank accounts that hold client money and requires him to work under the supervision of another attorney until an upcoming trial. During … Read more